3 girls from Amateur Boxing Club, Swale Gloves pose in fight stanceDonations

Swale Gloves

Amateur Boxing Club punches above its weight!

Our continued support for Swale Gloves Amateur Boxing Club keeps youngsters off the streets and teaches them core values. The Axis Foundation has supported this Amateur Boxing Club since 2016. Our yearly donations, which total £27,000 in 2021, help cover the running costs of the club keeping it affordable and accessible.

Swale Gloves is based in Sittingbourne, Kent and works with 150 local children and teenagers teaching them the art of boxing. Boxing encourages respect and self-discipline whilst encouraging children to have fun away from the computer screen.

“The funds from the Axis Foundation give us financial freedom and enable us to keep subscription costs down. We’ve been able to keep it at the same price for the past six years. This means we can stay open which is the most important thing. This £5,000 is huge for an Amateur Boxing Club like us. It’s nice to have some like Axis who really supports us” – John Williams, Founder

Our donations have replaced broken sports equipment, contributed to transport costs and helped pay the rent of the hall. Now that’s what we like to call heavyweight support!

COVID-19 Update

 “We were allowed to re-open at the end of July 2020. Luckily most of our members returned. It has been difficult as we have to try and social distance within the gym and we are not allowed any sparring or padwork. All the kids have been really great and kept on supporting us.

“Once again we would like to thank the Axis Foundation for your continued support. It means so much: it gives a club like ours financial freedom where we can just concentrate in providing a great environment for the local kids within our community. Your support has been even more essential this year as we lost 3 months worth of income due to COVID” – John Williams, Founder


Swale Tigers team pose in their new orange football kit.Donations

Swale Your Way Tigers

Mental health football club gets new kit

Swale Your Way is a local support group and their Football Therapy programme encourages those with mental health issues to play sport and improve their quality of life. Indeed, Swale Your Way Tigers Mental Health Football Club has enjoyed tremendous success: they were crowned victors of the FA People’s Cup in 2018. We are delighted that our donation of £3,050 will purchase brand new kit.

“Thanks to our funding from Axis Europe, the Tigers are able to go out in style and play good quality football in their vibrant new kit.  As we all know when you are looking great you feel great and thanks to our funding our players can enjoy going to matches feeling a million bucks!! Thank you to our sponsors” – Toni Golden Team Manager/Coach

More About Swale Your Way and The Tigers

Swale Your Way works with individuals as they overcome obstacles and move forward with their life. Swale Your Way might help someone enter education or return to work or find new hobbies, friends or social activities. They also manage psychological wellbeing, solve housing issues and organise finances.

Swale Your Way also runs many different trips and projects to benefit their service users empowering them to make positive change. These include a very successful allotment group and successful trips using their popular minibus.

Swale Your Way Tigers Mental Health Football Club improves the quality of life of people with mental health issues through sport. Kent FA  – impressed by the Tigers’ success  both on and off the field – have been working with the mental health football club to develop the first mental health football league in the county.


Imber Metz football players sat on a pitch listening to their trainer.Donations

Imber Metz

Steering young people away from crime

Imber Metz, the Met Police’s youth engagement project, is one of our longstanding partners whom we are proud to support. The Axis Foundation has donated £30,000 to Imber Metz over six years. We believe passionately in the importance of the work of the project and in its beneficial influence, steering young people away from crime and particularly working to reduce knife crime in London.

Our latest donation (£5,000, 2020) helps Imber Metz deliver anti-crime lectures and football activities in high-crime and hard-to-reach-areas. The vital project will benefit around 200 young people.

“Without doubt the most valuable achievement is this: several young people approached Imber Metz to tell of a serious public order situation which could have resulted in knife crime against a named individual. As a result, and due to the close liaison we have with the police, this situation was avoided and a young person’s life saved. Without the Axis Foundation none of the above would have been possible. On behalf of the young people and the project a massive Thank You” – DCI Clive Driscoll

COVID-19 update

“During Lockdown, assistance has been given to the young people who attended our sessions in Lambeth. We have supported young people via Zoom and will focus on new projects, including community days and new locations, once conditions allow.

“The future is bright although the last eight months have been difficult for all. Your assistance gives the communities Imber Metz works with – now and in the future – a chance to start again. As always a massive Thank You” – DCI Clive Driscoll, Founder

More about Imber Metz

Imber Metz youth engagement project works to improve the lives of young people in hard-to-reach communities by:

  • promoting work with the police and statutory agencies
  • appointing mentors to convey a strong positive message
  • delivering a strong anti-knife crime agenda
  • engaging young people in football activities
  • focusing on boroughs identified by the Metropolitan Police as Trident Gang Boroughs

Football focus

Our donations have supported the Imber Metz’s youth football project. The project enables Police Officers and young people (who may have lost respect for the Police and the legal system) to spend time together in non-confrontational situations. Together the communities are building bridges and breaking down barriers through sport. In addition, the project helps players build up their social and life skills whilst they receive training in the sport.

The football project used our funds for pitch hire, travel and kit, expanding the project into new areas and involving more socially-excluded youngsters. Imber Metz provides  football for U7, U13 and U18 players and has successfully forged links with many clubs and  community football organisations.

Distinguished mentors

Distinguished mentors supporting Imber Metz youth engagement project include Mr Neville Lawrence OBE, the father of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence, and leading human rights lawyer Joslyn Coburn.

Children enjoy physiotherapy swimming lesson at Waterwings swimming club.Donations


Swimming classes for children with disability

Waterwings is a fully accessible swimming club that provides occupational therapy for children with physical and learning disabilities. It also offers hydrotherapy.

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £3,600 will pay for the use of the school pool, a lifeguard cover and a hydrotherapy trained physiotherapist for a year.

“This funding is essential for the running of Waterwings. Without it we would not be able to provide vital, life enhancing therapy and play for these wonderful children. This type of facility is not available anywhere else locally and we thank Axis Foundation so much for helping us to ensure it continues” – Tracy Smith, Fundraiser

More About Waterwings

Waterwings is the only swimming club in St Leonards on Sea that provides fully accessible swimming lessons, occupational therapy and hydrotherapy. Sessions take place at St Mary’s School, Bexhill where the school pool is specifically designed for children with special needs. It has a hoist, changing areas for children with physical disabilities and accessible car parking for carers and parents.

Waterwings’ children have a range of disabilities: Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, heart problems, developmental delay, Downs Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, learning disabilities or autism. Whilst some children can walk with support and others are wheelchair dependent, they all have difficulty in getting into the water and need assistance or hoisting. Local facilities are in the main unsuitable and, importantly, unsafe, because of overcrowding, lack of hoists and the pools’ temperature.

It is well documented that children with physical disabilities benefit from regular targeted occupational therapy. Hydrotherapy (no longer available through the NHS) helps with bone and muscle development. It also provides relief from muscle spasm and teaches patterns of movement that are vital for posture, sitting, standing and walking.



Stepney Scouts and scout leaders kayak down river.Donations

Stepney Scouts

Funding for scout group enourages young people in outdoor activities

The 9th Stepney Scout Group wanted to help local youngsters engage in more outdoors activities like kayaking and canoeing on the local canals and rivers. Local sports facilities were proving expensive for the group and their families.

The Axis Foundation donated £4,500 to fund the scout group; they’ve matched this sum. The money will be used to purchase kayaks and all the associated equipment and safety aids.

Our funding for the scout group will mean that young people can set out on the local waterways of East London in their kayaks, enabling them to gain their “Time on the Water” and “Paddle Sports” badges. The lasting impact of our donation will be the skills and bonds that these experiences will form for the youngsters whilst they are on the water.

The The 9th Stepney Scout Group of 65 young people aged 8 to 18, based in Tower Hamlets, East London, is run by volunteers.

“Joining in the activities with the group is fun, we get to learn new skills that we wouldn’t get from school. I enjoy taking park in kayaking and raft building. I can’t wait for the summer!” Julia (13 Years Old).

“I can’t believe that the leaders have been able to get our own boats, now we can spend more time on the water” Carlos (11 Years Old)


Wide Horizons logoDonations

Wide Horizons

Adventure-based learning activities for disadvantaged children

Wide Horizons delivers a range of adventure-based learning activities for all age groups of school children. These include day centre nature experiences for primary school children and adventurous activities for older children and young people. They call this their ‘Adventure Learning Partnership’ programme.

Wide Horizons used their £5,000 donation from the Axis Foundation to provide a programme of outdoor education and adventure to sixty children from economically disadvantaged areas.

Our donation will fund a week long programme of activities, designed specifically to link with the school curriculum and help with educational and personal development. The children from Marvel Lane and Brent Knoll schools in Lewisham are selected based on a means testing system to identify those most in need.

“Helping Wide Horizons deliver adventure-based activities to children whose families cannot afford  thems, supports our belief that every child should have the opportunity to experience adventure as part of their education and throughout their lives”  – Axis Foundation trustee, Tim Hayes 

The benefits to children attending the adventure-based learning programme are far reaching and include increased confidence and self-esteem, better communication skills, an understanding of how to work as part of a team and achieving personal goals. These benefits combine to improve the chances of success at school and future employment.

“The donation to the Adventure Learning Partnership Programme was matched to two local primary schools in Lewisham which proved to be very successful. Each school had an amazing time, infact everyone had a fantastic time” – Lynn Leadbeater, Fundraising Manager

“The week was a great success and the teachers and children were buzzing when they returned back to school” – Headteacher, Eddie Dove

Boy stands on ball next to new sports equipment at Confidence through sportDonations

Confidence Through Sport

New sports equipment for children in deprived area

Confidence Through Sport is a community organisation that runs sporting activities for 5-11 year olds. They are located in a park and a school club in North Thamesmead.

£2,500 from the Axis Foundation will fund new sports equipment for the sports-based community initiative, which operates in one of the most deprived areas in the country. We’re covering the cost of footballs, goals and some brand-new training apparatus.

The project remains affordable so that underprivileged children and those with additional needs or disabilities can also partake in healthy outdoor activities. They focus on football but other sports, such as badminton and basketball, are also encouraged.

There are currently 80 children registered and the club is overseen by five volunteers, including three official coaches with one being FA registered. The volunteer coaches strive to be a positive influence on the youngsters, who are often from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Confidence Through Sports seeks to build the self-esteem and motivation of children and young people, as this will assist them in other areas of their lives.

“Before we were running on limited resources but now we have new footballs, built some goals and bought different equipment used to test agility. All of this allows our members to gain valuable sport experience and can help us provide for more young people”  – Robert Parrara, Chairman 

Four men from England Deaf Rugby Team show trophyDonations

England Deaf Rugby Team

 Support for Deaf Rugby player

Paul Cooper, a member of the England Deaf Rugby team, Paul Cooper, received £500 from the Foundation which will go towards training equipment and transport costs to get to and from matches.

The Deaf Rugby team was set up for deaf and hard-of-hearing players who are often overlooked by mainstream clubs because of their disability. However, it often relies on donations for equipment, training facilities and transport to operate. The importance of the club goes beyond access to sport. The team were invited to take a tour of the Houses of Parliament and discuss deaf awareness with MPs.

Paul explained: “It’s not easy to communicate when you have partial hearing loss and making those in parliament aware of the challenges and issues that need to be addressed will hopefully help the wider deaf community.”

Sign outside Charlton Athletic's stadiumDonations

Charlton Athletic Community Trust

Powerful partnerships helps children in deprived areas

The Axis Foundation has donated £85,000 towards Charlton Athletic Community Trust over four years, helping to provide opportunities for young people in deprived communities. The Axis Foundation and Charlton Athletic Community Trust’s (CACT) partnership began in 2010 and collaborated to support thousands of young people over four years.

More About CACT

CACT is a community programme led by Charlton Athletic Football Club that engages with thousands of people across London and Kent. The trust delivers a football development programme for young people from toddlers to aspiring professionals. On top of this, they support those who are disadvantaged with health improvement, employment, crime prevention and educational programmes.

“The achievements of the Trust and their staff are outstanding, they’ve chosen a sport that breaks down barriers and applied their skills and experience to the maximum benefit of the deprived and those in need of help.” John Hayes, Founder of the Axis Foundation.

Close Connections

The Axis Foundation has always had a close connection with Charlton Athletic. The foundation’s founder, John Hayes, is a Charlton fan, and Alan Curbishley, a Charlton legend, is the foundation’s patron. In 2011, the Axis Foundation became a patron of the Charlton Challenge Award Scheme and CACT’s estate-based coaching sessions. Over four years, we donated a total of £85,000 to the trust, helping them to support some of the most deprived communities in South East London and Kent.

Footballer greets charlton upbeats players from charlton athletic community trust

“John and the Axis Foundation has been a long-standing supporter of the Trust. He has been involved with the estate-based sessions and the Charlton Challenge for the past five years; becoming a Patron of these strands cements his support and belief in the Trust’s work.” Jason Morgan, Chief Executive of the Charlton Trust.

The Charlton Challenge

The Charlton Challenge is a scheme, led by FA qualified coaches, that aims to develop children’s core football skills. The course is delivered in sports centres across five London boroughs and is attended by over 1,000 boys and girls every week, many of whom are from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Estate Based Coaching

The Axis Foundation was the sole sponsor and patron of CACT’s Estate Based Coaching. The social inclusion programme runs a variety of sporting activities in deprived communities to 2,000 children every week. This includes leagues and coaching sessions in: football, basketball, dance, self-defence, boxing and fishing. The scheme provides a pathway for youngsters, such as 21-year-old Jonathan, to pursue their ambitions. CACT’s mentorship helped him to gain his first FA Football Coaching qualification:

“The FA Level 1 has helped me with my confidence to teach others what I have learnt. It was a very good experience and a challenge to teach people with different abilities. I just want to thank the Charlton Athletic Community Trust and the Axis Foundation for giving me such a great opportunity to pursue coaching.” Jonathan Peters, Beneficiary of Charlton Athletic Community Trust

Child learning horse riding at the Ebony Horse ClubDonations

Ebony Horse Club

Horse riding lessons for disadvantaged youngsters

Ebony Horse Club is a charity that runs a horse riding programme for young people in inner-city communities. The project benefits social housing residents from the London Boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark and Wandsworth. It enables children aged 8-16 to experience an activity rarely available in urban areas.

£2479 from the Axis Foundation will pay for 72 children to participate in a two day horse riding introduction course. Keen riders can then to take part in a six-week follow-on programme, also covered by the donations.

“We know from the success of two pilot projects that there is a strong and consistent interest in horse riding from children living in these communities. Unfortunately very few families in social housing can afford to access this type of activity for their children, so they miss out” – Neighbourhood Investment Officer, Maud Gambier-Ellis

The charity has over 16 years experience working with children from disadvantaged backgrounds and has recently opened in Loughborough (Lambeth), one of the most deprived wards in the country. Children are encouraged to take part in many other educational activities including: educational visits, residential trips, and being sponsored for equestrian studies.

 “We’re happy to support a cause that provides children with limited opportunities the ability to gain new experiences and skills, in this case the basics of horse riding and caring for animals. But that will also help with the wider development of their listening, communication and team working skills”- John Hayes, Axis Foundation Trustee 

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