Rugby players in wheelchairs at London Wheelchair Rugby ClubDonations

London Wheelchair Rugby Club 

Helping disabled people enjoy benefits of Wheelchair Rugby

Our donation of £8,250 to London Wheelchair Rugby Club helps disabled people enjoy the benefits of wheelchair rugby. Through the sport, they gain motivation and self-belief, and realise they can achieve great successes. And that’s despite the odds.

‘’We are extremely grateful to The Axis Foundation for their support. This will enable us to purchase new wheelchair spares and  tyres. We are delighted! A huge thank you from all the LWRC team.

“Our recent success at the Tokyo Paralympics demonstrates how vital our training sessions are, not just for our players who are an inspiration to all, but for the social element training sessions deliver. Training plays a vital part in our players’ lives. The physical and mental benefits cannot be overstated” – Steve Palmer, Chairman

More about our donations

The Axis Foundation donated £2,000 to LWRC in 2019 to help purchase training equipment and and put towards tournament fees. In 2021, the club asked for a further donation of £8,250 to help pay for wheelchair spare wheels and tyres. We were pleased to lend our support to their own fundraising once more.

More about London Wheelchair Rugby Club

Formed in 1989, LWRC has grown from very small beginnings. Members run the club – for members. Most of the players are on disability allowances only. LWRC aims to pay for their transport and training sessions. LWRC training sessions offer a lifeline to disabled people. They benefit from being part of a team and also from regular training to maintain their fitness levels and rehabilitation. This proved even more vital after months of isolation caused by Lockdowns during the Pandemic.

Find out more about London Wheelchair Rugby Club here




3 girls from Amateur Boxing Club, Swale Gloves pose in fight stanceDonations

Swale Gloves

Keeping youngsters off the streets and out of trouble!

Our continued support for Swale Gloves Amateur Boxing Club keeps youngsters off the streets and teaches them core values. The Axis Foundation has supported this Amateur Boxing Club since 2016. Our yearly donations, which total £45,000 in 2022, help cover the running costs of the club keeping it affordable and accessible.

Swale Gloves, based in Sittingbourne, Kent, works with 150 local children and teenagers teaching them the art of boxing. Boxing encourages respect and self-discipline whilst encouraging children to have fun away from the computer screen.

“The funds from the Axis Foundation give us financial freedom and enable us to keep subscription costs down. We’ve been able to keep it at the same price for the past six years. This means we can stay open which is the most important thing. This £5,000 is huge for an Amateur Boxing Club like us. It’s nice to have some like Axis who really supports us” – John Williams, Founder

Our donations have replaced broken sports equipment, contributed to transport costs and helped pay the rent of the hall. Now that’s what we like to call heavyweight support!

2020 Update

“We were allowed to re-open at the end of July 2020. Luckily most of our members returned. It has been difficult as we have to try and social distance within the gym and we are not allowed any sparring or padwork. All the kids have been really great and kept on supporting us.

“Once again we would like to thank the Axis Foundation for your continued support. It means so much as it gives us financial freedom where we can just concentrate in providing a great environment for the local kids within our community. Your support has been even more essential this year as we lost 3 months worth of income due to COVID” – John Williams, Founder

2021 Update

“Swale Gloves is truly grateful for the help you have given us over the past six years.

“We were closed from November 2020 and able to re-open mid-March 2021. Luckily for us most of our members have returned… Our membership remains high, we have 152 members, 33 of which are female.

“But we have had to purchase a lot more equipment, each member has access to their own gloves and ropes, to enable us to put on training sessions in a safe and social distanced way.

“We are back sparring now. Plus, we have also started a new referral scheme with a local specialist school. This has gone very well: we have 20 members referred to us from the school. All off these members have various issues and cannot be in mainstream school. We are helping to work with them to improve their self-confidence and social interaction skills” – John Williams, Founder

Case study – Fawwaz Akingbogun

Fawwaz Akingbogun is a real success story for Swale Gloves Amateur Boxing Club. He came here as a referral from his school in 2018. He was constantly in trouble and was in danger of being expelled. And he also started to get in trouble with the police.

“Swale Gloves has helped turn Fawwaz’s life around. He totally embraced his training. Within weeks his self-confidence grew and he began to see that he had a lot more to offer the world. Three years on Fawwaz has just completed his A Levels and achieved great results. Fawwaz comes from a very underprivileged background: his family struggles to afford the training sessions. And so we decided we would let Fawwaz in for free.

“He has repaid us in full by turning his life around and giving himself a great future.”

Fawwaz says: “I started getting into to trouble at school a few years ago, my teacher referred me to Swale Gloves Boxing Club, since I have been there my confidence and self-belief has improved so much. I managed to leave school with great A Levels and am now looking forward to going to University to study Business.

“But I will never forget the help the coaches at Swale Gloves have given me, I hope they continue for many years having a positive impact on young kids’ lives.”




Halas Hawks

Proudly supporting Halas Hawks’ Lionesses, under 10s girls’ team

Halas Hawks’ Lionesses, the under 10s girls’ team at Halas Hawks Junior Football Club, needed new kit.

So the Axis Foundation is proud to support them with a donation of £600 to get the Under 10s fully kitted out for the new season. 

As one local mum says: “This team is close to my heart as it’s my daughter’s football team. This is a fantastic team which has made all the difference to her and her team mates. She was not the most confident of children and this has really brought her out of herself.”  

“Having such an amazing investment from our new sponsor has not only meant new kit for the Under 10s but also that we can buy equipment and pay pitch fees and player registrations. It also means that we will be able to continue long into the future and carry on with our ever growing team. Thank you so much from myself, the manager, the coaching team and mostly importantly every girl who will wear and play in the new kit that you have provided for them” –  Jonathan Kane, Team Manager

Axis and the Midlands 

The Axis Foundation has supported many small, local and impactful causes in the Midlands. We have connected to these causes through our local people at Axis Europe plc’s busy, well-established and successful offices in Oldbury. Here we work for some of the area’s largest housing providers to keep local homes safe and comfortable for residents.  

More about Halas Hawks 

Halas Hawks Junior Football Club was established in 1980, when boys from various scout groups in  Halesowen got together to promote and develop youth football locally. Since then the club has won many accolades including runner up in Birmingham County’s Grass Roots Club of the Year. The club is rooted in – and supported by – its local community in Halesowen. The Lionesses were formed in 2019 as a new Under 10s girls’ football team. More here 

Top Tip! Birmingham City’s Connie Scofield played for Halas Hawks before joining Blues Ladies Development at the age of nine.

Boxing school young men trainingDonations

Sandwell Asian Development Association

Preventing crime and antisocial behaviour through boxing

Sandwell Asian Development Association (SADA) keeps young people away from anti-social behaviour and crime, promoting community cohesion, wellbeing, self esteem and physical fitness through their inner city boxing scheme.

In 2023, the Axis Foundation donated £1,000 so SADA could purchase new equipment (a Speed Ball platform, Geezers 6ft leather bag, Wing chun dummy, and ten pairs of boxing gloves). Our award helped SADA launch a non-contact boxing programme for young people (14-18 years).

This follows our previous (2020) donation of £1,000 to SADA to purchase a computer and boxing equipment.

“The boxing training has helped me to improve as a person and respect my elders. Thank you” – SADA service user

More About SADA

SADA runs an 8-week inner city boxing course for young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET). Participants live in BME communities in Sandwell MBC and North West Birmingham; a high percentage have learning difficulties and come from disadvantaged and low income backgrounds. They are referred to SADA by the West Midlands Police, youth services and probation services.

West Midlands Police, Sandwell Council and ex-world boxing champion Ritchie Woodhall all support SADA’s inner city boxing scheme.

Two young boxers holding their trophies after a fightDonations

Runcorn Amateur Boxing Club

Giving disadvantaged youngsters a fighting chance through boxing training

Runcorn Amateur Boxing Club, open for nearly 100 years, is a haven for vulnerable youngsters in Cheshire. The Axis Foundation’s £5,000 donation bought new boxing equipment to improve the gym’s facilities. The new boxing equipment makes the club an even more attractive prospect for disadvantaged individuals.

Runcorn’s Head Coach, Darren, said “I’d like to thank Axis on behalf of everyone at the club, as well as personally. It’s great to find like-minded people with the same goal to improve the mindset of Runcorn’s kids on this issue and to help us help them. Again, thank you.”

More about Runcorn Amateur Boxing Club

Runcorn is in the top 5% of deprived areas nationally, so the boxing club is a place for young adults to engage in meaningful activities, away from negative influences like knife crime. It’s an important part of the community that helps children and young adults thrive, as well as exercise.

Preserving the facilities and maintaining equipment is an important part of keeping Runcorn open. Their fully-licensed community boxing club has over 100 members but is always welcoming newcomers. Their Knife Down Glove Up campaign plays a vital part in educating people about the dangers of knife crime. It will reach their immediate members as well as filter through parents to other families in the wider community.

Volunteer coaches make sure mentoring is aligned to the most vulnerable, helping youngsters develop both physically and mentally. The new gym equipment includes a boxing ring, which adds to the clubs great facilities. Runcorn welcomes children aged seven upwards, providing opportunities that could change lives and a space based on equal opportunities.

Walsall Wood Colliers Under 12s Football TeamDonations

Walsall Wood Colliers U12s Football Team

League-winning U12s Football Team receives a champion sum

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £370 will help towards buying the Walsall Wood Colliers U12s football team a brand new kit in their home colour, red, for next season. Here are the league winners in their away kit of blue and yellow.

I was absolutely delighted to receive the donation from Axis Foundation on behalf of Walsall Wood Colliers. This will help us kit out our team for next season. The coaches put in a lot of hours running a team and every bit of help is welcome as we rely on donations and sponsorship for all our kit and equipment which enable the kids to train and play” – Julian Worrall, Coach and Manager

More about Walsall Wood Colliers

Walsall Wood Colliers Under 12s is one of Walsall Wood FC’s many junior youth teams. The Colliers’ Manager and Coach is Julian Worrall who has been in this role for six years. Julian volunteers a large amount of his ‘spare’ time to coach and manage his junior youth team which numbers 18 in all.

“We are very focused on the community at Walsall Wood FC,” Julian says. “Our aim in the Junior Youth League is to encourage and develop children to play sport and to be part of a team. We get them off their computers and outside.”

As Julian’s son used to play for the Colliers too, he is in a good position to know the benefits of playing in a youth squad for young people. He says: “I like seeing how the children develop over the years. Some of them started in our Academy and have the opportunity to go right on through to the Senior team on their footballing journey. They are like an extended family.”

There are over 30 teams at Walsall Wood FC which is a registered charity and Chartered FA Club: from the Academy 5-7s to the Under 18s including girls teams and (soon) a team for people with disability. All the coaches/managers are FA licensed and all are volunteers.



Swimming lessons funding being given to young boyDonations

Support Tommy Brown Fund

Providing swimming lessons for little Tommy

In March 2012 Tommy Brown contracted the ‘B strain’ of meningococcal meningitis and septicaemia. The disease was so aggressive and extensive that he was given only a 5 per cent chance of survival. Despite this, he defied the odds and did survive; but his parents were given the devastating news that he was going have to lose all four of his limbs. In total, Tommy spent a total of three months in hospital undergoing surgery, including six weeks in the intensive care unit.

Julie Tuckley, Tommy’s mum said: “It makes me cry to see Tommy alert and looking about, then looking at where his hands and legs used to be, as if he is wondering where they are. It was so painful to see him suffer and go through the operations – we’re very lucky to still have our beautiful boy.”

Seven years later, Tommy is now a courageous young boy who adapts remarkably well to everyday life and the challenges thrown at him. He loves swimming; and has swimming lessons at local swimming baths. When he is swimming Tommy says he feels free.

Our donation of £1,600 is funding Tommy’s swimming lessons for a year.

London Wheelchar Rugby Club Team PhotoDonations

London Wheelchair Rugby Club

Enabling people with disability to enjoy benefits of Wheelchair Rugby

The London Wheelchair Rugby Club offers many benefits to people with disability as Wheelchair Rugby is a great way to get fit and be part of a team..

Because of the constant high-impact collisions in the game, the specialised wheelchairs often need a wheel replacement, new tyre or tube. The safety equipment also often needs replacing or updating. So, the Axis Foundation’s donation of £2,000 will buy wheelchair spares and training equipment.

“Our aim has always been to lift the burden financially from our players who often live day to day on disability benefits. If we can be the one to find the next £1 then they can be left to concentrate on playing the sport they love. Whether it’s trying to reach the heights of competing for Great Britain at the 2020 Paralympics or being able to forget about their day to day worries for a few hours at training, this is our aim as a club.

Without your help and very generous donations this would be near impossible for us to achieve. Everyone at the London Wheelchair Rugby Club thanks you for helping us achieve the goals we set ourselves and the club collectively and hope that our relationships continue on for as long as you can continue to support us.

“We are delighted as the grant will help us so much! We are training for the 2020 Paralympics now and really hoping some of our amazing players will be selected again! We are so proud of them and what they have had to overcome. They really are an inspiration” – Steve Palmer, Chairman

More About Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair Rugby, with its requirements of speed and agility, is a great way to get fit and be part of a team, especially for those with higher levels of disabilities. Many have very few options to take part in sport. Rehabilitation through sport brings huge benefits, not just physically but psychologically too with increased independence and a social network too. Four LWRC players represented GB in the 2016 Paralympics. We hope to see them represent Team GB in the next Olympics too!

“It’s the beginning of an amazing journey for me and I have such a sense of accomplishment and joy” – LWRC member, Oliver Mangion, 21


Man and boy at gym in adaptive sports centreDonations


Improvements at adaptive sports centre for people with disability

At OXSRAD 500 people with severe physical, mental or behavioural disabilities can enjoy the benefits of exercise and activities to the limit of their abilities.

The centre, based in Oxfordshire, provides various activities and adaptive sports programs such as Rebound Therapy, Archery, Over 50s’ Keep Fit, Gym Classes, Zumba, spinning, a spa bath for water therapy, a sensory room, studio, sports hall, fully equipped adapted gym, bar and café area. The OXSRAD building, opened by Princess Diana, is now nearly 30 years old and still uses the original boiler system to heat the building and supply hot water.

So, OXSRAD secured £5,000 from Sport England and the Axis Foundation’s donation will match this to fix the boiler.

“Securing this funding means that we won’t have to worry about the boiler breaking down any more and will have hot water throughout the centre for years to come. We are extremely grateful to Axis for providing the funding for our boiler project. AXIS is a continued supporter of OXSRAD and makes a real difference to the services that we can offer to our members including people with severe physical, mental or behavioural disabilities and the local community”  – Sarah Buy, Fundraising Manager

More About OXSRAD

The adaptive sports centre is a great place to gather and meet people socially. Many people with severe physical, mental or behavioural disabilities come here for company, a cup of tea and a chat with like-minded individuals. The centre reduces isolation and loneliness in an already marginalised group. Other users will come to the centre for rehabilitation following an accident or injury. The centre also plays a vital role in the local community and is used by over 1200 local residents, associate groups and able-bodied members. If OXSRAD didn’t exist, many users would simply have nowhere to go.


Arden Forest football team players posing in their green and yellow football kit.Donations

Arden Forest FC

Junior football club wears new kit with pride

Based in Solihull, West Midlands, Arden Forest FC is a junior football club that plays in the Central Warwickshire Youth League, challenging teams from Leamington and Warwick and the West Midlands area. The junior football club which was founded in 1981 and is run by volunteers, gives local boys and girls the chance to work together, encouraging team spirit, hard work and lots of goals!

Teams range from Under 7s to Under 15s: in 2017 the u14s won the Treble of the premier league and two cups! Such champions – local to our office in Oldbury – deserve good kit.

And so, the Axis Foundation is sponsoring branded tracksuits and kit bags for their Under 15s side with a grant of £1,000.

“I would like to thank the Axis Foundation for their generous donation to the u15s team. This will go towards buying the lads tracksuits and kit bags so they can turn up to games looking like the Premier League Champions that they are.

“This season has started just the same as last with the lads winning every game so far, so hopefully it will be another successful year. Hopefully they can win the treble again this season. From the manager, myself, the lads and the parents we would like to thank the Axis Foundation for the donation”- Dave Pearson, Team Coach


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