Lewisham Donation Hub

Supporting People in Lewisham

Lewisham Donation Hub provides food, homeware and essential items to local people including residents at Lewisham Park Towers where Axis is currently working.

The Axis Foundation Trustees were delighted to support Jill’s application in an area of London where we are highly visible and our donation will make a real impact: our £3,000 will purchase electrical equipment for the charity to distribute.

Axis staff member, Jill Pennell, put the charity forward for the donation and said: “I’ve been supporting the Hub for the last couple of years – taking clothes, footwear, bedding etc on their Sunday donation day (1-4pm by Lewisham Fire Station). Knowing my unwanted items are going to those who have nothing – or very little not only makes me feel good but is an incentive to get rid of things that I don’t wear or use any more. They’re always short of everything as the demand is so high – my friends are used to me hassling them to have a clear out for things I can take there!”

“Lewisham Donation Hub is so grateful for the £3,000 grant from the Axis Foundation! We believe we can reduce household costs by providing low-power / efficient electricals (particularly microwaves, rice cookers, slow cookers, kettles and blenders) to people suffering hardship. These items help families and individuals to live more comfortably at home, and avoid relying upon ad-hoc meals from community services (or spending limited money on ready-to-eat foods)” – Magdalena Szlenkier, Trustee and Volunteer, Lewisham Donation Hub

There’s more here


The Thomley Hall Centre

Enhancing the lives and experiences of people with a disability

The Thomley Hall Centre is a lifelong learning and leisure centre which exists to enhance the lives and experiences of people with a disability, their families and the wider community. Thomley enhances the well-being of disabled people through delivering activities that helps develop the skills they need to run their day-to-day lives.

The Axis Foundation donated £10,000 so Thomley can build an eco-friendly Interactive Water Feature (IWF): a safe, fun and accessible place where people with and without disabilities in Buckinghamshire can enjoy water-based play.

Ewan Shinton, Thomley’s Chief Executive, told us: “A huge thank you to Axis, the interactive features of the IWF will offer experiences that are a huge amount of fun and developmentally important for our visitors. The majority of the people who visit Thomley are children with autism who have difficulties processing and integrating sensory input. The multi-sensory experiences provided by the IWF and water will be uniquely beneficial for them. We expect the IWF to quickly become our most-popular attraction and be used by everyone who visits Thomley.”

There’s more about The Thomley Hall Centre here


Ykids Children’s Charity

Improving lives and futures of young people at risk

Ykids improves the lives and futures of local young people at risk through mentoring, projects, parent support groups and arts initiatives.

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £3,000 to the Bootle-based charity helped them refurbish Kingsley and Co, a steampunk-Victorian, explorer-themed children’s community bookshop, which is part of YKids’ literacy project to encourage young people to fall in love with books, storytelling and reading.

We are delighted with the support from the Axis Foundation which will help us to refurbish our new and bigger shop Kingsley and Co, enabling us to change even more lives through encouraging children to read and engage with story – Claire Morgans, Founder


Claire added: “Ykids’ vision is to raise ‘World Changers’ – young people who believe in themselves and have the skills, creativity and opportunities to make a difference in their own lives and in the world around them. Ultimately, we want them to grow up in an environment where they feel safe and loved and lead happy and productive lives.”

“Finding a place that two children with a huge age gap to enjoy is difficult, but we had that place in Kingsley. A place that felt like coming home to family. They helped me through some really rough times, more so than they probably even know” – a parent

Here’s more about YKids and Kingsley and Co

Small child sitting with packages of pyjamasCare

Children’s Hospital Pyjamas

Sweet Dreams for children in Hospital

Croydon-based Children’s Hospital Pyjamas collects and distributes brand new pyjamas to hospitals, hospices, hospital at-home teams and women’s refuges in the UK.

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £3,000 helped them purchase pyjamas for some of the 40 such organisations within the M25. At an average cost of £8 per pair, this means 375 children will have sweeter dreams in their new pyjamas!

“Thank you so much for your generous donation. Last year, the charity spent over £40,000 on pyjamas alone and, in order for us to continue to supply to these 238 locations, plus any new requests, we rely on the kindness and support of people like yourselves” – Ann Dunkley,  Operations Manager

Ann told us: “Children may arrive in A&E having had their clothing damaged, or in situations when there hasn’t been time to pack essentials. They may have their own pyjamas but need a fresh pair due to illness or accident. While in refuges, children may have fled a dangerous situation and might not have brought any clothing. Our pyjamas have also been used to dress children who have passed away, so their families can see them looking comfortable and at peace.”

To further support this great cause, Axis’ Administrator Danielle Glindon, used her Volunteering Day to help Children’s Hospital Pyjamas!

There is more about their work here

little boy with fair hair in white tee shirtCare

Helping a Little Boy with Rare Genetic Disorder

Donation buys a sensory room to help Toby, a little boy with rare genetic disorder

Six-year-old Toby Conway has an incredibly rare genetic disorder called De Novo ZNF 292 syndrome. It is so rare, his doctors and consultants have never previously encountered a patient with this diagnosis. And Toby’s parents are unable to find any other parents in a similar situation to share their experiences.

Toby has autistic traits, speech delay and extreme hyper mobility, His abnormal brain structure primarily affects his short-term memory (so he has some educational challenges). He is physically weak and has a high risk of epilepsy.

Despite all his challenges, Toby embraces mainstream education and loves his school. His parents told us:

“Every day, he runs into school with a huge smile on his face; it’s priceless. He is honestly the most polite, infectious and caring little boy. He is a pleasure to be around for both adults and other children. His school is amazing, and we’re hugely grateful for their support.”

The Axis Foundation Trustees awarded Toby’s school (Northgate Primary School Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire) £10,000 to create a sensory room. This will not only help Toby’s sensory processing disorder but will also benefit the 100 neuro-diverse pupils at the school.

Thanking the Foundation, Toby’s father Mark Conway said: “This donation will make such a huge difference to Toby and all other pupils at his school, both neurodiverse and neurotypical. His school do an amazing job with limited resources, and their new sensory room will create a safe space for the kids that will be invaluable. Thank you so, so much.”

Woman reading to two infants from a bookCare

Hug-a-Bug World (HBW)

Positive emotional wellbeing for young people

Positive, relatable storylines in books; “I am Unique, “I am Brave” and “I Can Do It” affirmation hearts and tactile toys: these all help the emotional development of Hug-a-Bug World’s Early Years and young children. Setting the tone are adorable bugs Sedric Snail, Bella Bee and friends who support one another and learn as they go.

The Axis Foundation donated £15,000 to HBW to provide books, affirmation hearts and toys. And we will be working with them to reach children and families in areas where Axis, our parent property services company, works.

“At a time where Mental Health challenges in our younger generations is finally getting some attention in the media, we at HBW are forever grateful to the Axis Foundation for making it possible for us to engage with thousands of children, through their generous donation” – Julia Keys, Founder

More about Hug-a-Bug World

The HBW programme promotes positive emotional wellbeing for young people. This is proven to have a beneficial effect on academic focus, building good relationships, and development of empathy and understanding of each other and the natural world.

Hug-a-Bug World is currently working with 30 schools in the Royal Borough of Greenwich in London. They have also worked closely with the Holiday Activity Fund (HAF) programme in multiple UK locations. All children (10,000 +) take home a storybook, a Hug-a-Bug heart and activity sheets. They demonstrably increase their self-confidence, empathy, self-worth, resilience, and acceptance of themselves.

The Chairman of the Axis Foundation Trustees, Peter Varney, was very impressed by the good feedback from Birmingham HAF. So he engaged Hug-a-Bug World to deliver their HAF programme via Millwalls’ Community Fund – with similarly successful results.

See more about Hug-a-Bug’s amazing work here


Strongbones Children’s Charitable Trust

Winter warmth for vulnerable children with bone conditions

Strongbones Children’s Charitable Trust helps children with severe disabilities/complex needs coupled with bone conditions such as scoliosis, bone cancer and spina bifida.

Each winter, many Strongbones children are hospitalised due to hypothermia, pneumonia, respiratory disease and Covid. Many children are from families in poverty. And fuel poverty adds to the severity of this problem.

The Axis Foundation’s winter 2023 donation of £5,600 buys 40 Winter Warmer packs to help the charity keep their children warm. Each pack consists of a penguin fleece blanket, an oddie wearable blanket, a pair of warmies soft boots and a warmies penguin handwarmer.

“This is wonderful news!! Thanks to all the trustees for agreeing to this incredibly generous grant. We have many children who will hugely benefit from these lifesaving packs” – April Fitzmaurice, Manager

More about Strongbones

Strongbones supports over 1,000 families of vulnerable children in Essex. They work to decrease social isolation and increase inclusion through supplying disability/educational equipment and providing educational opportunities. The charity also provides practical and emotional support to parents and carers, respite breaks, group residentials and accessible sports.

There’s more about their work here




Helping survivors of sex trafficking

Azalea supports and empowers women surviving domestic and international sex trafficking through many programmes including Drop-In and Outreach, 1-1 or recovery support.

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £10,000 helped Azalea buy a Mobile Drop-In Van: many women find it challenging to come to Azalea for the first time: years of extensive abuse foster a deep lack of trust. So the new van will enable Azalea to go to them.

“We are deeply grateful for the dedicated support that the Axis Foundation has shown Azalea by awarding this grant. Not only have they demonstrated their belief in the work that Azalea does, they have demonstrated their belief in the possibility of transformation that is present for every survivor of sex trafficking. A belief that all are worthy of a life, free. We thank the Axis Foundation for investing in the lives of the 421 women that we know and care for, who are surviving sex trafficking and for partnering with us in the creation of the Mobile Drop-In Van,” Kate Dunwoodie, Deputy CEO

More about the Mobile Drop-In Van

All women who engage with the Azalea’s outreach Mobile Drop-In Van will receive non-judgemental care and support in the aftermath of trauma: from being held captive in brothels or being forced into on-street sexual exploitation. The van will be a safe space, away from the crowds, out of sight of pimps and traffickers, reducing the risk of re-exploitation. It will offer best opportunity for intelligence and safeguarding disclosures as well as building relationships with Azalea’s friendly, specialist staff and volunteers in a comforting space where guests can sit, enjoy a hot drink or food and acquire clean clothes and safety kits.

More about Azalea here


Opportunity for Bespoke Care for Charles

Private autism assessment and chance for bespoke care

The Trustees of the Axis Foundation were delighted to donate £1,000 to help Luke Comb acquire a private assessment for his son Charles, who is showing clear signs of autism. A private autism assessment opens up opportunities for bespoke care.

“The rewards will be endless, the impact huge and life changing. Thank you” – Luke Comb

More about Luke and Charles

Luke desperately wanted a speedy assessment for his son Charles who was showing signs of autism. Getting Charles the right diagnosis early means he can be given the support he needs and opens up opportunities including access to special development programmes and bespoke care.

But waiting lists are long and family financial resources limited. So Charles applied to our Foundation for support.

In Luke’s words: “Charles is showing clear signs of autism. He is non-verbal and struggles in many everyday settings including with danger awareness and interaction. Professionals believe he is Autistic but cannot assess him for some time, possibly a couple of years. During this time, he won’t have full support or access to programmes that would benefit him.

“I believe this age is the crucial time to have him in the correct setting with access to purpose-built programmes for his development that will benefit him all through life. We believe, once fully diagnosed, he will have full support at an early stage when it is most needed.”


Mollie’s story

Helping care for a small child with Ataxia Telangiectasia (Louis-Bar syndrome)

Little Mollie has Ataxia Telangiectasia, a devastating, rare, inherited childhood neurological disorder. It affects the part of the brain that controls motor movement and speech.

The disease is also known as disease Louis-Bar syndrome. It is complex and additionally affects the lungs and immune system as well as causing sensitivity to radiation and increased risk of cancers.

It is also progressive and there is no cure. Decline starts increasing from age of five and little Mollie has recently turned six. It is most likely that is she will need a wheelchair by the age of 10.

Following an application from Joseph Hayes, Axis Business Development Manager, and moved by the plight of Mollie, the Trustees of the Axis Foundation agreed to a donation of £11,133. This will purchase her a Mollii suit (designed to relax muscles through neurostimulation), a Gallileo vibration board (to help with muscle tone) and also some specialist physiotherapy.

Emily Barker, Mollie’s mother, said: “Thank you so much for your email – we are over the moon that Mollie’s application was successful and so grateful she will now have access to a Mollii suit and Galileo board along with the specialist therapy.

“Our little girl deserves the best opportunities and chance in life so thank you so much for helping to make this happen – it really means the world to us.”

“We realise that right now without a treatment available the best options for Mollie are to support her strength and abilities with specialist therapies. We are therefore currently planning a Mollie’s Miracle Family Funday in August – this will be to raise money directly for Mollie to take part in extra therapies such as horse-riding therapies and hydrotherapy to ensure we are doing all we can to keep her muscles strong and help fight the symptoms of this devastating disease.”

Molllie’s parents run Mollies Miracle, with support of friends and family, raising funds to research into Ataxia Telangiectasia. More information here

You can donate to Mollie’s Just Giving page here