The Thomley Hall Centre

The Thomley Hall Centre is a lifelong learning and leisure centre which exists to enhance the lives and experiences of people with a disability, their families and the wider community. Thomley enhances the well-being of disabled people through delivering activities that helps develop the skills they need to run their day-to-day lives.

The Axis Foundation donated £10,000 so Thomley can build an eco-friendly Interactive Water Feature (IWF): a safe, fun and accessible place where people with and without disabilities in Buckinghamshire can enjoy water-based play.

Ewan Shinton, Thomley’s Chief Executive, told us: “A huge thank you to Axis, the interactive features of the IWF will offer experiences that are a huge amount of fun and developmentally important for our visitors. The majority of the people who visit Thomley are children with autism who have difficulties processing and integrating sensory input. The multi-sensory experiences provided by the IWF and water will be uniquely beneficial for them. We expect the IWF to quickly become our most-popular attraction and be used by everyone who visits Thomley.”

There’s more about The Thomley Hall Centre here


Sussex Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus

Sussex Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (SASBAH) provides lifelong support for over 1,000 children and adults affected by spina bifida, hydrocephalus and related disabilities.

The Axis Foundation donated £1,760 to purchase eight precision cutters for members of Saspire, the charity’s work experience and training project for young adults with complex physical and learning disabilities.

“This is really wonderful news, thank you so much. New precision cutters will enable the Saspire team to fulfil their contracts with local businesses, through our accessible and supported workshop. Saspire supported work experience enables people with complex disabilities to gain confidence, learn new skills and increase independence. These new machines will be a tremendous boost” – Laura Cecil, Trusts Fundraiser

Laura told us: “SASBAH’s mission is to enable people affected by physical and learning disabilities to lead the lives they want to. We do this by providing lifelong support to over 1,000 people through a range of joined-up services including local support groups; advice and advocacy; a youth club; residential breaks and community engagement. We work across Sussex to offer socially inclusive activities such as meet-ups, exercise and art workshops, lunches and excursions, and we have Saspire, our popular and unique work experience project.”

There’s more about SASBAH’s work here:


Disabled Sailors Association (DSA)

Spirit of Axis brings joy to disabled people

Our donation of £10,000 helps Disabled Sailors Association (DSA) purchase new state-of-the-art dinghy. And she is named after us!

The Axis Foundation is very proud of Spirit of Axis. She was launched in 2024 and joins the fleet of unique craft that have been specially adapted by DSA so that disabled people can experience the joys of sailing.

“We are very grateful to the Axis Foundation for their very generous grant, enabling us to build another innovative dinghy to replace and increase our fleet. Thanks to the generosity of charitable foundations like the Axis Foundation we have now funded seventeen new dinghies that cannot capsize or sink, due to their unique foam-filled hulls” – Mike Wood MBE, Chairman and Founder

More about Disabled Sailors Association

Unique in the sailing world the Disabled Sailors Association (DSA) helps disabled people enjoy the benefits of sailing in a unique fleet of specially-designed yachts and dinghies. 25 years of research and development have enabled them to innovate a state-of-the-art dinghy design, which caters for all disabilities and is equally appealing to able-bodied carers and family members.

Over 40,000 people have sailed the yachts since the charity was founded in 1993. So the DSA needs to replace craft to maintain safety compliance and increase their fleet so even more disabled people can enjoy the sport of sailing from Port Solent Marina Office, Lock Approach, Portsmouth.

There is more about DSA here.


Mobility for Little Kit

Accessibility and mobility for little boy in wheelchair

Little Kit was an able child until he suffered a seizure at 18 months. Now age four, he cannot walk, talk or crawl.

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £7,000 creates an accessibility ramp for the family home.

“We’re so grateful, you have no idea what this will do for our family (especially Kit!)” – Katherine, Kit’s mother

More about Kit

Kit was an able child until he was 18 months old in 2021, when he suffered a 2-hour long seizure. This caused significant brain damage and visual impairment. Kit is now four. He cannot walk, talk or crawl and needs constant care and hoisting.

His family have struggled to pay the cost of adapting their home after this devastating event: they plan to build an extension with fully hoisted bedroom, bathroom and storage area.

They needed to build an access path and ramp as part of these adaptations – and also so that Kit can use his motobility vehicle. The Trustees of the Axis Foundation were delighted to help the family.

As his mother Katherine says: “We’re desperate to keep our son at home with us: but without the path we’re not allowed the extension and without the extension he will not be allowed to live with us (in the future).

“We want to give him the best life we can.”

You can support Kit here 


Red Eagle Foundation

Freedom for a young boy with complex health needs

Our donation of £5,000 to The Red Eagle Foundation helps buy both an electric wheelchair and all-terrain buggy for Arthur, a young boy with severe learning disabilities and complex health needs.

 “It was such a joy to see Arthur’s face at the wheelchair assessment… his joy of being in control of moving when there is so much that he can’t control due to his health. The buggy will also help him get out and about in areas where the wheelchair is not suitable. It is going to have such a positive impact on the family”  – Dominic Comins, CEO

More about Arthur

Arthur is a 12 year old boy. He is classed as a SWAN  (‘syndromes without a name’) and despite a lifetime of procedures and tests, as his mother says, “what we don’t know is how my son’s condition will change as time goes on”.

Arthur’s physical and mental health are deteriorating and his mobility levels decreasing. He is cared for additionally by Demelza, the Axis Foundation’s charity partner.

The Trustees of the Axis Foundation were delighted to help Arthur by making his life more mobile with an electric wheelchair to increase his independence and accessibility at venues/events. For example, he loves going to Howletts Zoo to see the elephants; but the hill is a challenge in a manual wheelchair – particularly for his mother who has had two back operations.

More about The Red Eagle Foundation

The Red Eagle Foundation empowers disadvantaged children and grants wishes to children with life-limiting illnesses. There’s more about their work here

Group of people round table HeadwayDisability

Headway West London

Supporting brain injury survivors

Headway West London helps brain injury survivors and their families, helping them reconnect with their local communities.

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £3783 will support their computer/ mobile contact work including one-to-one support, online workshops, educational support work and health talks.

“We are very grateful to all at the Axis Foundation for their kind donation. This will assist us in providing our linkworkers with the best possible infrastructure to carry out their work with our members as efficiently as possible, and therefore enable us to support as many people as possible. Thank you from us all” – Laura Murphy, Chair of Trustees

More about Headway West London

A brain injury can happen to anyone: through a fall, a road accident, a sporting incident, an assault, a tumour or haemorrhage. Acquired brain injury is often known as the hidden disability. Survivors are often lonely, isolated, bewildered and very distressed by the sudden and dramatic changes to their lives.

Affiliated with Headway – the brain injury association, Headway West London helps ensure vulnerable, isolated brain injured survivors do not fall through the net, supporting them through one-to-one sessions, targeted training pathways, return to work support as well as health and wellbeing sessions, in-person and online.

They work in the west London boroughs of Ealing, Hounslow, Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, and Westminster and have established close links with St Mary’s Hospital Paddington and Charing Cross hospitals, Hammersmith trauma clinics and Brain Odysseys, a performance arts intervention group designed with people living with brain injury to support recovery through song writing, music, dance and performance.

“HWL offers a great service supporting our patients and their families, particularly in the early days when things can be very overwhelming. They are able to offer advice and in particular help families with both emotional and practical needs. As a therapist it is so helpful to have their service to help support us in educating families and offering support when you can at times feel helpless as a clinician” – Natalie Marroney, Neuro Trauma Therapy Lead at St Mary’s Hospital

There’s more about their work here

child playing with coloured balls in model boatDisability

Petts Wood Playgroup

Providing specialist tactile equipment for children with sensory issues

Petts Wood Playgroup for Children with Special Needs provides pre-school education for children with special needs from birth to five years.

The Axis Foundation donated £1,000 to purchase a sandpit and an alphabetical and numerical frieze: this interactive and tactile equipment will help children with sensory issues and those on the autistic spectrum or with a motor disorder.

“Oh wow, that is amazing news!  It is an amazing sum and will make such a difference to our children and the service we can provide. Thank you so much. We – and all the children who will benefit from using the sandpit and frieze –  are deeply grateful to the Axis Foundation” –  Larry Simpson, Manager

More about Petts Wood Playgroup for Children with Special Needs

Petts Wood Playgroup for Children with Special Needs provides care and education for children with clinical, emotional, developmental, social and additional needs aged from birth to five years. The special needs also include physical disabilities, developmental delay, behavioural and social problems that can cause difficulties for children and parents alike.

Attendance at the Playgroup is free. Their mini-bus picks up and drops off children to and from their homes in most local (Bromley, Kent) areas each morning. In addition to contributions and donations, support comes from Bromley Department of Education which provides services from an Educational Psychologist and Teachers from the Sensory Impairment Service.

More here



Building for the Future

Contributing to music therapy for children and young people with disabilities

Building for the Future was founded in 2007 by a group of parents of disabled children. In 2014, they opened Our House, a specialist, accessible play centre where families can meet and disabled children can relax, have fun and be truly valued and accepted for who they are.

The Trustees of the Axis Foundation agreed to donate £460 towards starter packs (mainly to purchase musical instruments) for their new music therapy group.

“Thank you so so very very much for supporting us. The children and parents will be delighted with the new musical equipment. Results from our trial sessions were phenomenal. Not only have the children enjoyed the sessions but they have learned something new, were engaged and focused for the entire time and learnt to relax. The parents couldn’t believe the transformation.

“It’s a really tough climate out there at the moment and small charities like ours are struggling to provide services for the most needy members of our society. Due to the pandemic and the rising cost of living crisis our services are even more in demand than they ever were before and we are busier than we ever have been. The success of the music therapy group is an example of this demand and we are so pleased to be able to take what was a one-off session and offer it on a more permanent basis for our families” –  Jane Holmes, CEO

More about Our House/Building for the Future

Winner of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, Our House offers a range of facilities, including soft play, a sensory room, teen chill-out zone, PCs, gaming and free play area as well as activities such as Saturday clubs, after school clubs, holiday activities, physiotherapy and a youth group.  Parents and carers find support, solace and strength from one another; siblings can make friends with other children in similar situations; carers and grandparents can chat over a cup of coffee. Our House today helps over 500 children and young people with disabilities.

There’s more here:


team of people with disability in powerchairsDisability

Farnham Powerchair Football Club (FPFC)

Helping people with disability enjoy the sport of powerchair football

Farnham Powerchair Football Club (FPFC) offers children and adults with physical disabilities the opportunity to experience team-based sport and play powerchair football. Many are often excluded from clubs – and even school-based PE – due to their physical disabilities and lack of specialist equipment.

The Axis Foundation donated £6,775 to buy the club a new power wheelchair for their squad. Up to now, the club has been borrowing wheelchairs: owning their own Powerchairs enables them to help a growing number of children and adults, disadvantaged by their disabilities, enjoy a team sport in a safe, inclusive environment

“Thank you so much for this, we are thrilled, this will make a real difference to the Club, especially when we enter the South East League season in September. We have already seen massive benefits with many of the players gaining confidence, enjoyment and improvements with their mental health through powerchair football. The new powerchair we can buy with your donation means more players progress their skills and confidence both within the club environment and at matches. Massive thanks once again!” –  Sue Barnley, Secretary

More about Farnham Powerchair Football Club

Farnham Powerchair Football Club, based in Waverley, Surrey has a squad of 10 players and attracts other family members as well as players from the surrounding counties and London, some travelling 50 mins to come and play each week.

There is more about their work here.


Axis Employee helps deaf children and their families

Axis QS helps deaf children with Foundation grant

Axis’ Jocelyn Tritton, a Trainee Quantity Surveyor working on our Croydon contract, supports The Dorset Deaf Children’s Society (DDCS) – and applied to the Foundation on their behalf.

The Axis Foundation’s grant of £3274.50 made to DDCS on behalf of Jocelyn will buy 150 Phonak Junior paediatric hearing aid care kits. The kits will help deaf children in Dorset for years to come by teaching and enabling them to maintain their hearing aids.

Jocelyn is passionate about helping the hearing-impaired lead a normal life. This is because Jocelyn’s mum is profoundly deaf, which stems from a horse-riding accident at a young age. Jocelyn’s family started learning British Sign Language last year to better include his mum in family life. He was overjoyed by how much communication improved; and this inspired him to help other families with deaf members to learn BSL too.

Thanking the Foundation Jocelyn said: “Growing up it was always a struggle to communicate with mum, who has 30% hearing in her left ear and near zero in her right, but I couldn’t see how things would ever change. Then the family discovered BSL and, all of a sudden, we could hold normal conversations! I wanted to help out other families with hearing-impaired members and raising funds for the small yet impactful DDCS by running a marathon seemed perfect. Overall, I’m delighted the Axis Foundation agreed to donate over £3000 to purchase hearing aid care kits!”

Jocelyn additionally ran the Milton Keynes Marathon raising £6222 for DDCS!

“We cannot thank Jocelyn enough for the work and effort he is putting in to raise money for our deaf children. We are a small local charity run by volunteers and without the support of people like Jocelyn we could not continue to support the deaf children and their families, providing them with somewhere to go to meet and make friends with children just like themselves. The money Jocelyn is raising is so important for us and we are very grateful’ – Shirley Sorbie, DCSS

More about DDCS

DDCS is an all-volunteer charity which helps children with mild to profound deafness by providing them with hearing equipment and BSL grants. DDCS events connect deaf families, including them in a community which understands their struggles, and serves as an important point of contact where families with deaf children can receive advice, as well as talk to and support each other. There’s more here