Help for children who have a disability affecting their movement control.Disability

The Movement Centre

Help for children with disability affecting their movement control

The Movement Centre offers a specialist therapy, Targeted Training, which helps children who have a disability affecting their movement control.

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £3,000 will give children who come to The Movement Centre a personalised activity pack and enhance the sensory items at the Centre.

“We are extremely grateful to the Axis Foundation for their generous support of The Movement Centre. We provide a specialist therapy called Targeted Training to help children with movement disabilities to gain control of their movement, which means they can have far more independence. The grant will enable us to create activity packs and purchase sensory item so that we can enhance our therapy sessions. This will give the children who come to The Movement Centre an even better chance of reaching their full potential”  – Victoria Handbury-Madin, Chief Executive

More About The Movement Centre

Unique to The Movement Centre, Targeted Training combines a specialist standing frame and physiotherapy. The child remains in an upright position while the standing frame stabilises and supports him. Daily practise is essential so encouraging and engaging the child is an important part of Targeted Training.

A course of Targeted Training can help children: gain head control, so they can interact with their family; develop the skills to sit unaided, so that they can play with their friends and even learn to walk, so they can be far more independent. Goals are specific and measurable and detailed reports are written at each assessment and at the end of the course, where all outcome measures are reviewed. These are shared with the family and the child’s other clinicians.

Many of the children who come to the Shropshire-based Movement Centre have Cerebral Palsy or Global Developmental Delay, but Targeted Training therapy can also be suitable for children who have an acquired brain injury, Down Syndrome and other Genetic Disorders.

“Parents were very pleased with the support and treatment their children received at the centre and reported they were ‘amazed’ at the progress their children were making” – Care Quality Commission

Reports from parents of children who have a disability affecting their movement control

“We feel more confident that Eddie is ready for each new step! The regular follow ups are brilliant.”

“The Movement Centre team have given Henry the confidence and strength that he needs on his road to independence, we can’t thank you enough.”

“Absolutely amazing team, working wonders with our son Harry. Couldn’t be any more happy.”

“It’s been one of the best things we could have done for Rosa. Her life has changed for the better because of the treatment from The Movement Centre.”

“Everyone/all the family has benefitted greatly from Targeted Training and the help and the support we’ve received from TMC.”

“It’s given our son an amazing chance to work towards his independence.”



Live performances for patrons with additional needsDisability

Worcester Live

Improving access for theatre goers with disability

Worcester Live has increased the access for 1250 people at the Worcester Rep by offering support to theatre patrons with additional needs. These include:

  • signed performances  for deaf and hearing impaired patrons;
  • audio described performances  for blind and visual impaired patrons
  • relaxed performance – for audience members with specific disabilities such as autism, learning difficulties, physical disabilities, spectrum conditions and dementia

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £3,000 to Worcester Live will go towards paying for the expert specialised trained interpreter who will deliver signed performances for deaf and hearing-impaired patrons and also to necessary specialised equipment. This will help Worcester Live continue to provide this service of access for patrons with disabilities and specialised needs.

“We are delighted to have received the donation from the Axis Foundation, which will help us in reaching out to our patrons with additional needs. The support, which is so valuable, will help us in providing Signed, Audio Described and Relaxed performances at the Swan Theatre during the next year.

“We are so thrilled to be able to offer minority groups in our community the opportunity to come into our venue and see shows, knowing they are being provided for at a level that is right for them and accessing the performances no matter what their additional needs may be.

“Thank you for helping us to make the magic of live theatre become real for all our community” – Chris Jaeger, Chief Executive, Worcester Live


Two children who attend Kids Care playing on jungle gym.Disability

Kids Care

Sleepaway camps for children with special needs

Kids Care London runs a summer sleep-away camp called Camp Horizons for children and young people with special needs.

The children are from low-income families who are unable to meet the cost of any holiday let alone that of a special residential camp designed for the specific needs of children with conditions like Down’s syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Asperger’s Syndrome. These kids are often excluded from accessing mainstream sport and leisure opportunities which require a high level of support.

The Axis Foundation made three donations to Kid Care London, totalling £18,000 (£5,500 in 2013, £5,500 in 2015 and £7,000 in 2016). These donations covered the cost of transport and entrance fees to Camp Horizons in Newham including at Olympic Park and Beckton.

“We wish you could have been there to share the children’s extreme joy. They really enjoyed their time on these fantastic trips. Thanks to the remarkable people at the Axis Foundation, once again, the sun shone on the children,” said Hannah Friedman, Kids Care London Director

“When you donated to Camp Horizon, your grant immediately went to work transforming the lives of so many children with special needs who joined our programme this summer. I want you to know that we truly could not have impacted all these children and their families without your help” – Debra Addis, Camp Horizon

More About Camp Horizons

At Camp Horizons, the two-week summer programme is specifically designed to promote independence, participation and social interaction. The programme also develops confidence and self-esteem.

Whilst enjoying indoor and outdoor activities including music, drama and sporting events, children with special needs meet other children just like themselves. They overcome challenges and embrace new opportunities. And because of the tranquillity of the rural surroundings they can really connect with nature and the great outdoors.



Child plays with parent at CHAT children's charity.Disability


Family respite days for children with special needs

CHAT Children’s Respite Charity helps families with children who have special needs in Buckinghamshire. They offer short-term respite care including at-home care packages helping approximately 70 people ever year, alongside family day trips for approximately 40 people.

A little money goes a long way to help CHAT: just £20 funds an hour of respite care and can alleviate the depression and resentment towards the sick child which are common within such families as siblings often lose out on quality time with their parents.

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £500 will fund summer day trips for careworn families to Gulliver’s Land Theme Park in Milton Keynes. The days out will provide entertainment and holiday spirit as well as much-needed respite from care. On top of transport and entrance tickets, the money we donated will contribute towards providing carers to assist the families on the day out.

 “It is a round-the-clock job caring for a sick child, and there is little opportunity for rest or for quality time with other family members. On behalf of CHAT and our families with children who have special needs whom we support I would like to thank Axis for your generous donation. Without the support of organisations like yourself we would be unable to provide these families with the respite care they so need. The respite that CHAT provides to these families is a life line. Thank you”  – Anthea Cass, Charity Fundraiser

Children play with child theraeutic equipment donated to Blooming Blossoms.Disability

Blooming Blossoms

Helping disabled and disadvantaged children

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £4,500 to Blooming Blossoms will contribute to providing specialist therapeutic equipment which will help disabled and disadvantaged children to lead independent lives.

The equipment Blooming Blossoms purchased includes a Frame (to be used in conjunction with sensory swings, platforms and bolsters); a Steamroller Deluxe; a Helicopter Swing and a Stargate Swing.

“The donation from the Axis Foundation will make a massive difference in the lives of disabled and disadvantaged children Without the support of Blooming Blossoms many of these children will fail in their education and social lives. On their behalf I say thank you!” – Kayla Lew, Funding Officer

More About Blooming Blossoms

Based in the London Borough of Hackney, Blooming Blossoms is a free learning centre supporting approximately 80 children on a regular basis and upwards of 160 children through the drop-in options and out-of-hours Sunday-funday sessions and holiday play schemes.

Happy Haven here is a state-of-the-art Therapy Centre which offers both conventional and holistic therapies (including Occupational Therapy, Speech & Language, Drama Therapy, Art Therapy, Music Therapy) so that children can hone and improve crucial life skills.
The children attending the learning centre are all from low-income homes and families: Blooming Blossoms offers their therapeutic services to all children referred to them, free of charge.


Smiling members of the Arts For All groupDisability

Arts For All

Vulnerable adults benefit from arts learning holiday

Arts for All helps vulnerable adults with learning disabilities. At the Shoreditch-based charity, friendship and acceptance replace isolation and low self-esteem. Members build up their confidence through working creatively with peers. Here they can learn arts and crafts including drawing, textiles, jewellery and silver-smithing.

Our donation of £5,000 (2018) funded a holiday to Devon. On the holiday, teachers delivered arts and crafts sessions. Members all took every opportunity for activity (swimming, go-karting, golf, badminton, Bollywood dancing, archery, snooker) discarding their sedentary lives with enthusiasm. They all brought home a new skill or hobby once the holiday was over – the best memento!

 “Each person felt they had learned new things that they never thought that they could do. They have come back to London armed with expertise and walking taller. They all know that they did really well and it has made them really feel that they have something positive to offer. All in all this was the most amazing, brilliant adventure. They grew in confidence, learned new creative techniques to bring back to the group in London and they were active all week… Above all the most important thing to me is how HAPPY they all were. They stepped away from their often difficult, isolated and mundane lives into a holiday of friends, fun and a lot of laughter!!

“We are so grateful for this funding from The Axis Foundation who have made this holiday possible. Once again, thank you so much” – Caroline Barlow, Manager and Founder

Two Children supported by Newlife, with portable hoistDisability

Newlife Foundation

Improving quality of life for two children by purchasing specialist equipment

Newlife Foundation is the UK’s largest charity provider of specialist equipment for children with disabilities and terminal illnesses. In their care areOlivia and Ryan who, at the time of our donation, were both around eight years old.

Olivia has a genetic disorder that affects the nervous system. So, the Foundation donated £2,899 to Newlife towards a specialist bed that will improve her quality of life and provide relief for both herself and her family.

Ryan’s disability means he has to be hoisted in and out of his wheelchair whenever he needs to use the bathroom, have a wash or go to bed. There is a ceiling track hoist in his home but Ryan’s family were very limited to where they could take him. So, the Axis Foundation donated £1,020 to Newlife towards a portable hoist for Ryan, meaning that they can take him to exciting new places for longer periods.

“We would like to say a huge thank you to the Axis Foundation for their support of Newlife and our family – this will make a big difference. Having a portable hoist that we can put in the boot of the car and take with us wherever we want to go will make a huge difference to Ryan’s life. There are endless possibilities. Ryan has never been able to play in a paddling pool in the garden but this summer he will be able to enjoy this simple pleasure. We will be able to be more adventurous about where we go for days out with Ryan and even consider a family holiday” – Ryan’s Mum, Victoria


Transporting children with disabilities in donated carDisability

Lifelong Family Links

Giving transport for children with disabilities

Lifelong Family Links provides short breaks and stimulating outings for children and young people with medium to severe disabilities. These include Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Special Educational Needs and a range of physical and sensory disabilities. They give lifts to 560 young people, enabling them to lead fuller and more stimulating lives.

Our donation of £3,000 helped to purchase a new car for the charity. The car is wheelchair accessible and will transport the young people to social activities, family outings, swim clubs and more.

“It’s not fair that these children are socially disadvantaged without access to the same leisure or transport experiences as other young people. We hope that this donation will provide enjoyable experiences for the children in a safe and comfortable environment with professional carers” – Joe Ibrahim, Axis Foundation Trustee

Our Previous Support

In 2012, the Foundation donated £2,500 to Lifelong Family Links’  summer activity programme. The grant covered the cost of mini-bus transport, carer support and sporting activities including swimming, wall-climbing, football and horse riding. These activities are otherwise inaccessible to the children and their families due to the extra support they require.

“The LFL is extremely grateful for the Axis Foundation’s support. Without funding, the Summer playscheme for these disabled children simply couldn’t happen. Then these young people, especially those with severe autism and severe disabilities, would most likely be sitting at home for the duration of the summer holidays because it is a struggle for their parents to take them out” – Lambeth Family Link’s Marva Trenton.

More About Lifelong Family Links

Lifelong Family Links was initially set up in 1982 to support children with disabilities and their parents in the Lambeth area. They now run afterschool clubs, holiday play schemes, a befriending service, an allotment gardening project and a Saturday club for over 200 disabled children/young people.



Attendees to Communicate2U stand together for a picture.Disability


Training provides improved communication for people with learning disabilities

By advising potential employers and care providers on how best to communicate with people with learning difficulties, Communicate2U helps people with learning disabilities who may face reduced educational and employment opportunities – ultimately, a pathway to poor mental health and poverty. A C2U Communications Expert is person with a learning disability or a vulnerable communicator, who is trained to teach others about communication.

The Axis Foundation’s Donation of £2,000 will go towards purchasing vital equipment including laptops, cameras, a projector and a screen as well as a printer, USB sticks and a mobile phone. This will enable Communicate2U to provide more effective training and as a result, better communication for people with learning disabilities.

“We wanted to say a massive thank you for giving us money to buy equipment. It was great going shopping with so much money and we got the chance to choose what we wanted. With all the equipment, it means we are set up to prepare presentations, use the projector, and screen for use as a teaching aid. We can’t wait to get started. Thank you so much”-  all the students and interns at Communicate 2U

More About Communicate2U

At Communicate 2U there are teams of Occupational Therapy (OT) staff and Communication Experts (a person with a learning disability or other vulnerable communicator, trained to teach others about communication). They have three clear aims:

  • To empower staff in health, social care, education and business with the skills and confidence to communicate with vulnerable people
  • To change the attitudes of employers towards employing a person with additional needs
  • To provide pathways for vulnerable people into paid employment

Communicate2U has recently audited written and non-verbal communication at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and advised on designing a sensory-friendly mental health drop-in centre.

Disabled child using a gait trainer to learn how to walk at the Freddie Farmer FoundationDisability

Freddie Farmer Foundation

Specialist gait trainer provides physiotherapy for disabled children

We’ve donated £7,500 to the Freddie Farmer Foundation, supporting their programme of providing physiotherapy for disabled childrenOur contribution helped the charity to purchase a LokoHelp electromechanical gait trainer.

“The LokoHelp electromechanical gait trainer works with children in an upright position to enable them to walk in the correct walking pattern. “It builds up the leg muscles required for walking and encourages a more effective application of therapy in all phases of gait training.

“Ninety percent of our children already benefit from the LokoHelp electromechanical gait trainer which we have been able to purchase with your donation.

“It really makes a difference and has been invaluable to us. The £7,500 donation also completes our £55,000 campaign total. We are really, really happy – it has been hard but we have hit our target now. So a huge thank you from us to you” – Karen Smith, Charity Officer

More About Freddie Farmer Foundation

The children who attend the Freddie Farmer Foundation predominantly suffer from Cerebral Palsy like Freddie Farmer. The centre provides physiotherapy for disabled children aged between 3 and 16 years old. Although most children are from the local area in Bromley, some travel all the way from Scotland, Yorkshire and Malta to receive treatment.

See our video – find out how the Freddie Farmer spent our donation!