Axis team raises £10,600 for Demelza

Our Axis team raised £10,600 for our charity partner Demelza Hospice Care for Children on a sponsored cycle ride.

Axis’ Lee Covington, Lee Pearce, Leslie Crabbe, Jake Thomas, and Elliot Pillin cycled from London to Paris in 24 hours to raise funds for our charity partner.

The Axis team, who work in the Projects Division, cycled a total of 180 miles, starting at Trafalgar Square in London, then heading for Newhaven and over to Dieppe, and finishing at the Eiffel Tower.

They smashed their target of £10,000, raising £10,600 all of which will be donated to our charity partner, Demelza via the Axis Foundation.

Our generous subcontractors sponsored the ride and their logos were proudly emblazoned on our cyclists specially-commissioned kit. With special thanks to…

  • Adeva Home Improvements Ltd
  • A-Z Stone Repairs Ltd
  • Britelite Windows Limited
  • E&C Construction Ltd
  • Exterior Plas Ltd
  • Genesis Incorporated Ltd
  • Granville Noise Insulators Limited
  • Heron Joinery
  • Masons Scaffolding
  • Rich Demolition Limited
  • Russell Trew
  • Symphony Windows
  • Ultimate Access Solutions LTD
  • VH Electrical (UK) Ltd

… and a big thank you to everyone else who supported our team and helped Demelza too.

You can still support them here 

Here’s what the team had to say:

“Since having my young son Ellis, it has made it more apparent what a great job Demelza do… this bike ride was a good way to raise money to help support the charity in the fantastic work they carry out”-  Lee Covington

“The ride was full of emotions what kept me going was Axis team and the help we were giving to Demelza” – Leslie Crabbe

“It was an experience that I will never forget, although it was hard it was worthwhile for the money that was raised to support the Axis Foundation and the fantastic causes” – Lee Pearce

“It was the best and hardest experience of my life so far; it was only possible with the great team of people around me at Axis!” – Jake Thomas

“Our joint effort raised a substantial amount of money, which will hopefully go a long way to help those less fortunate” – Elliott Pillin

There’s more about our precious partnership with Demelza here

Two ladies at Omega life care laughing together.Care


Support for End-of-Life Charity

Omega, the National Association for End of Life Care, is a multi-award winning charity which helps families and clients who are to coming to terms with terminal illness. Their motto is: “Caring is everyone’s business.”

In 2018, the Axis Foundation donated £2,000 to Omega’s peer support groups including Chatterbox Befrienders.

“The clients we help are often socially isolated and benefit enormously from peer support. Omega groups are a gateway to other sources of help and information offered by Omega and our delivery partners,” explains Tom Memery, Development Director.

Chatterbox Update

In FY 2021/22, the Chatterbox programme worked with over 369 clients and helped and signposted an additional 71 potential clients to other services and specialist agencies.

Thanking the Foundation Tom said: “With your valuable support we have been able to raise the profile of the Chatterbox programme and target clients who need us most. We have further developed relationships with a growing number of referrers. We now work with over 180 individual referrers and referring agencies (40% from within NHS primary care).”

New Award 2022

In 2022, The Axis Foundation made a second award to Omega, this time to support their army of vital volunteers – over 335 of them!

Omega delivers inductions and monthly support groups to their volunteers via video link. The grant of £5,000 will upgrade their IT and help Omega support their volunteers – and recruit and retain more.

They will also use the grant to make some minor changes to install additional electrical sockets and a upgrade the lighting as well as buy more office furniture.

‘We value the relationship we have with The Axis Foundation. We have found Axis to be a discerning and very supportive grant making trust who take a particular interest in the good causes that they support. With their help, we can now upgrade our ageing ICT equipment and buy much-needed office furniture. This will help us support our volunteers and the vulnerable clients we serve,’ said Tom.

More About Omega, the National Association for End of Life Care, here 



Patient and carer at Greenwich Bexley Community HospiceCare

Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice

Two donations fund specialist medical equipment and increase comfort for patients

The Axis Foundation has been delighted to make two donations to help Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice, an important community resource providing end-of-life care with compassion.

2017: Pressure Care Mattresses

In 2017, Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice sought funding to buy pressure care mattresses for their 17-bed in-patient unit. The unit cares for around 400 patients per year. We donated £4,000 which enabled the hospice to purchase two specialist mattresses. These dramatically improved the comfort of those experiencing pain and discomfort due to their illness.

“The mattresses really help those in our wards to be comfortable in their beds, with a special system allowing the patient to make the mattress as hard or soft as they want. When we get donations specifically for specialist medical equipment it means that we can improve the comfort and experience for patients. It gives the staff peace of mind because they know that they have the best equipment to help the people that they care for.

“I’d like to say thank you for what you’ve done to support us. The charitable donations that we receive are really important for us as they help us continue to deliver our care” – Kate Heaps, Chief Executive

We are so fortunate to be gifted pressure relieving mattresses for our ward. The patients say that they really help to ease their discomfort.”” – Anne, Hospice Healthcare Assistant 

2013: Syringe Drivers

In 2013, the Foundation donated £6,000 to purchase six Syringe Drivers, specialist medical equipment administering medicine. These are essential for pain management and symptom control.  A Syringe Driver is a small battery-powered pump carried by the patient. It releases medicine slowly, safely and effectively under the skin. It can be used, for example, when a patient is unable to take tablets.

More About Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice

Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice provides compassionate end-of-life care for around 2,500 people (per annum). The patients have illnesses such as cancer, heart failure, respiratory disease and neurological conditions. They live mainly in the London Boroughs of Greenwich and Bexley.

The Hospice is vital community resource – a lifeline for so many people and their families in truly difficult times. Their 24-hour care programme offers pain and symptom management as well as psychological care, respite, rehabilitation and end-of-life care.

Mary Stevens Hospice for palliative care.Care

Mary Stevens Hospice

Specialist chairs enhance palliative care

The Mary Stevens Hospice delivers high quality palliative care, symptom control and therapy to people living with life limiting illnesses in the Stourbridge area. Last year the hospice provided 66,624 hours of direct care for patients on the In-Patient unit with around 18 patients attending the Day Therapies Clinic per day.

Palliative care often be a painful experience with patients experiencing, anxiety, breathlessness, discomfort and mobility issues as a result of their illness. Each of these issues has a direct and dramatic impact on the self-esteem and emotional wellbeing of a patient and it is therefore important that they are assisted in their daily life.

To help provide some added comfort and independence the hospice used our £4,000 donation to purchase 8 riser-recliner chairs. The chairs will benefit the patients as simple activities such as sitting and standing can be extremely challenging and painful for them. The chairs allow the patients to adjust the position of their seat without the need for assistance, whilst alleviating the pressure and stress on joints and muscles.

The chairs will also reduce the demand and physical strain on the nursing staff by providing the patients with ability to readjust their position themselves.

“Funding like this enables to continue giving the care that we do. The chairs will be a great help to our patients at the hospice as they will give them comfort and relieve pain. What you’ve enabled us to do is enhance the level of care that we’re able to provide” Alex Winstanley from Mary Stevens Hospice


Carer with patient at St Christopher's Hospice.Care

St Christopher’s Hospice

Hydrotherapy for patients in palliative care

St Christopher’s Hospice provides palliative care for over 2,500 patients each year in Bromley, Croydon, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark and is dedicated to providing high-quality medical care and  social integration opportunities to all their patients.

We donated £5,000 which the charity used to purchase therapeutic baths. The new baths are completely accessible with various settings from providing gentle massages to vigorous stimulation. They have acute temperature controls to give a relaxing and invigorating bathing experience.

The therapeutic baths can be used by in-patients who are bed-bound or have limited mobility. They can provide temporary sanctuary for the patients – relieving aches, pains and pressures. It gives patient physical and psychological benefits, and independently addresses personal hygiene.

“We’re completely thrilled that Axis have agreed to support us. Your donation will go towards a brand new therapeutic bath, which will really help dozens of patients a year with terminal conditions enjoy a relaxing, comforting bath at the hospice. Thank you!”- Hilary Teare, the Medical Devices Administrator

More About St Christopher’s Hospice

St Christopher’s Hospice is one of the largest in England and the first modern hospice, making it an early pioneer of palliative medicine. Last year, the centre admitted 656 patients into the Inpatient Unit.

Shooting Star nurse on home visits to families caring for a life-limited childCare

Shooting Star Chase

Home visits to families caring for a life-limited child

Shooting Star Chase‘s ‘Hospice at Home’ scheme brings care to children approaching the end of their life in their own homes. The sick children are in familiar surroundings, with their family and their own home comforts. The service brings the same medical, nursing and therapeutic care as the hospices offer. The scheme gives families the chance to relax a little and do chores around the house or even go out, knowing that their child is in the best care.

To support this vital service, the Axis Foundation donated a total of £2,508 (£1,140 in 2013, £1,368 in 2014) which funded over 20 home visits to families caring for a life-limited child.

 “We now have one of the largest Hospice at Home teams in the country. We recorded an average of 250 home visits to families caring for a life-limited child per month. Yet, this is only made possible through the wonderful support from organisations like the Axis Foundation. Thank you.” –  Brian Gallagher, Shooting Star Chase

“Care is constantly changing and we need to be flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of the families we support. The Hospice at Home team plays a vital role allowing parents to be Mum and Dad, not just care givers. We’ll continue to develop the service so that the children and families we support can have the care they so desperately need in the location of their choice. We are very grateful for the donation from The Axis Foundation” – Elaine Conisbee, Interim Director of Care

What the families say

“When things become too much, and you really can’t see a way out of the dark hole you are in, the hospice proves that someone else really does care.”

“The Hospice at Home service is amazing. I feel like I’ve been on a mini-holiday, recharging my batteries and putting me in very good spirits.”

More About Shooting Star Chase

Shooting Star Children’s Hospice and CHASE Hospice for Children merged together to form Shooting Star Chase and to care for over 600 families living all across western London, Surrey and West Sussex who have a child or teenager not expected to reach their nineteenth birthday.


Trustees giving a cheque to the Trinity Hospice.Care

Trinity Hospice

End of life care for hospice patients

Trinity Hospice supports people through end of life care, with their main aim to help patients ‘live every moment.’ The charity provides both in-patient and home care to people with a range of conditions, from cancer to neurological illnesses, as well as respite and education services to their families.

The Hospice is majority funded by charitable donations, such as the £5,250 from the Axis Foundation which was used to purchase 10 pressure relieving mattress for the in-patient centre.

 “Providing care for members of our community is at the heart of the Axis Foundation’s objectives. We see Trinity’s specialist services as vital to improving the quality of life for sufferers and helping them through the medical choices and stages for their illness”-  Mick Hayes, Axis Foundation Trustee

“Many patients are admitted to us in the later stages of their condition and are confined to bed with limited mobility. The mattresses specially designed to support end of life care are an essential piece of equipment, able to prevent painful and uncomfortable symptoms, they minimise the risk of pressure build-ups and create a massaging effect that promotes sleeping patterns. The purchase of 10 new mattresses will benefit hundreds of patients over the coming years” – Zahra Khan, Trinity Hospice

Exterior shot of St Clare Hospice with signCare

St Clare Hospice

Helping Hospice patients with pain relief

The Axis Foundation has donated £3,405 to St Clare Hospice in Essex to purchase two McKinley T34 Syringe Drivers. These important specialist pieces of clinical equipment provide Hospice patients with pain relief at home. And, with greater control over their own pain management, patients requires less intervention from a nurse so they can lead more independent lives.

St Clare’s Director of Patient Care, Louise Cameron, explains how they work: “The Syringe Driver is a small battery-powered pump that delivers medication from a syringe through a soft plastic tube placed under the skin. These small pumps provide continuous prescribed doses of medication to alleviate symptoms such as pain and nausea, sickness and fitting. Syringe drivers also ensure that patients do not have to undergo repeated painful injections or take medicine when they have trouble swallowing.”

Louise added her thanks: “Syringe drivers are crucial for our patient care services. We are grateful to the Axis Foundation for enabling the Hospice to buy these vital pieces of clinical equipment.”

More About St Clare Hospice

St Clare Hospice provides specialist care for people living with life-limiting illnesses in the west Essex and east Hertfordshire border area. The charity cares for patients and their families, providing physical, social, psychological and spiritual support. St Clare Hospice’s annual running costs total £2.8m, 70 per cent of which comes from voluntary income.