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Little Stars

Providing essential baby items for disadvantaged, vulnerable families

Little Stars provides quality essentials for babies, children and pregnant women. And so they alleviate stress and financial pressures for disadvantaged, vulnerable families in Shropshire.

The Axis Foundation donated £3,175 to Little Stars’ Community Hubs Project. This donation will purchase 12 months supplies of nappies, wipes and baby toiletries.

“To receive this amazing amount of money from Axis foundation has ensured we can continue our Community Hub work, providing families with the essentials they need for their children.

“Our hub work is extremely important because we are out in the communities that are in need of this support. The money will enable us to expand our hubs as we now have the funds to be able to deliver the basic essentials that babies and young children really need. Thank you to the board for providing us with this grant” – Leanne Simcoe Founder and CEO

More on the Community Hubs Project

Little Stars created their Community Hubs Project in response to the growing demand for their services. There are currently four Little Stars community hubs, working with Early Help teams and local food banks, where families can access essential items

More about Little Stars

Little Stars helps the 26% of children living in poverty across Shropshire (research from End Child Poverty). They help disadvantaged families through their baby bank, community hubs and school uniform services. They provide quality pre-loved bundles, donated by the local community, supplemented by new equipment and basic provisions. Little Stars works across their community in partnership with midwives, social workers, early help teams, schools, food banks, and domestic abuse charities. They have, to date, supported over 1,000 referred beneficiaries.

There’s more here www.littlestarscharity.org


Strongbones Children’s Charitable Trust

Winter warmth for vulnerable children with bone conditions

Strongbones Children’s Charitable Trust helps children with severe disabilities/complex needs coupled with bone conditions such as scoliosis, bone cancer and spina bifida.

Each winter, many Strongbones children are hospitalised due to hypothermia, pneumonia, respiratory disease and Covid. Many children are from families in poverty. And fuel poverty adds to the severity of this problem.

The Axis Foundation’s winter 2023 donation of £5,600 buys 40 Winter Warmer packs to help the charity keep their children warm. Each pack consists of a penguin fleece blanket, an oddie wearable blanket, a pair of warmies soft boots and a warmies penguin handwarmer.

“This is wonderful news!! Thanks to all the trustees for agreeing to this incredibly generous grant. We have many children who will hugely benefit from these lifesaving packs” – April Fitzmaurice, Manager

More about Strongbones

Strongbones supports over 1,000 families of vulnerable children in Essex. They work to decrease social isolation and increase inclusion through supplying disability/educational equipment and providing educational opportunities. The charity also provides practical and emotional support to parents and carers, respite breaks, group residentials and accessible sports.

There’s more about their work here




Helping survivors of sex trafficking

Azalea supports and empowers women surviving domestic and international sex trafficking through many programmes including Drop-In and Outreach, 1-1 or recovery support.

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £10,000 helped Azalea buy a Mobile Drop-In Van: many women find it challenging to come to Azalea for the first time: years of extensive abuse foster a deep lack of trust. So the new van will enable Azalea to go to them.

“We are deeply grateful for the dedicated support that the Axis Foundation has shown Azalea by awarding this grant. Not only have they demonstrated their belief in the work that Azalea does, they have demonstrated their belief in the possibility of transformation that is present for every survivor of sex trafficking. A belief that all are worthy of a life, free. We thank the Axis Foundation for investing in the lives of the 421 women that we know and care for, who are surviving sex trafficking and for partnering with us in the creation of the Mobile Drop-In Van,” Kate Dunwoodie, Deputy CEO

More about the Mobile Drop-In Van

All women who engage with the Azalea’s outreach Mobile Drop-In Van will receive non-judgemental care and support in the aftermath of trauma: from being held captive in brothels or being forced into on-street sexual exploitation. The van will be a safe space, away from the crowds, out of sight of pimps and traffickers, reducing the risk of re-exploitation. It will offer best opportunity for intelligence and safeguarding disclosures as well as building relationships with Azalea’s friendly, specialist staff and volunteers in a comforting space where guests can sit, enjoy a hot drink or food and acquire clean clothes and safety kits.

More about Azalea here


The Children’s Book Project

Giving the gift of books to disadvantaged children

The Children’s Book Project collects new and gently-used books and redistributes them free to children and young people growing up in poverty.

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £3,500 to The Children’s Book Project will completely fund ten Pop up Book Huts in London schools – from where the children can choose their free books.

‘We would like to express our enormous gratitude to the Axis Foundation for its generosity. As a small, grassroots charity, we are entirely reliant on fundraising. This donation will have a big impact on the Children’s Book Project, helping us put books straight into the hands of the children that need them most” – Liberty Venn, Founder

And there’s more…

Axis volunteers Alfie Shortall, Phil Cornell and Arjinder Bhogal collected and delivered the book huts to local schools. And their colleagues Jake Thomas, Jasveen Grewal, Thomas Crane, Steve Harpley and Daniel Brownett sorted books at the charity’s warehouse in Westminster. The Axis Midlands team is currently hosting a book drive for The Children’s Book Project to support communities that present a high level of socioeconomic disadvantage and/or emotional need.

More about The Children’s Book Project

The Children’s Book Project charity sees first-hand how giving children access to books makes amazing things happen; vocabularies expand, empathy grows, imaginations are ignited and children learn.

‘’Receiving these books is changing the reading culture of our school in a positive way…The Book Project through their generosity has enabled us to provide books to children who had none at home’’ – Teacher, Southern Road Primary, E13

You can read more about the incredible work of The Children’s Book Project here


Opportunity for Bespoke Care for Charles

Private autism assessment and chance for bespoke care

The Trustees of the Axis Foundation were delighted to donate £1,000 to help Luke Comb acquire a private assessment for his son Charles, who is showing clear signs of autism. A private autism assessment opens up opportunities for bespoke care.

“The rewards will be endless, the impact huge and life changing. Thank you” – Luke Comb

More about Luke and Charles

Luke desperately wanted a speedy assessment for his son Charles who was showing signs of autism. Getting Charles the right diagnosis early means he can be given the support he needs and opens up opportunities including access to special development programmes and bespoke care.

But waiting lists are long and family financial resources limited. So Charles applied to our Foundation for support.

In Luke’s words: “Charles is showing clear signs of autism. He is non-verbal and struggles in many everyday settings including with danger awareness and interaction. Professionals believe he is Autistic but cannot assess him for some time, possibly a couple of years. During this time, he won’t have full support or access to programmes that would benefit him.

“I believe this age is the crucial time to have him in the correct setting with access to purpose-built programmes for his development that will benefit him all through life. We believe, once fully diagnosed, he will have full support at an early stage when it is most needed.”


Off the Fence

Saving lives of homeless people

Off The Fence supports homeless, vulnerable and socially excluded people in Brighton and Hove in Sussex.

In 2023 the Axis Foundation donated £7,000 to Off the Fence Trust to purchase 200 Vango Atlas Heavyweight sleeping bags for the rough sleepers who use the services of Antifreeze, the charity’s day centre for the homeless, part of an emergency outreach.

“We are so grateful, as are our clients. Until they are housed, each of our clients uses at least two high quality sleeping bags a year, demand fuelled by wear and tear or theft. £7,000 enables us to purchase 200 military quality sleeping bags that will undoubtedly prevent deaths from exposure, illness and the cold through the Winter months. This is helps us meet a significant proportion of our outdoor budget in this area”  – Roy Stannard, Head of Income-Generation and Comms

We followed this up with a further donation of £4,750 to purchase hygiene materials (including toothpaste, shampoo, razors, shaving foam and cleaning products), hot water bottles (for distribution on the street) and waterproof jackets (for warmth and protection in the cold winter).

“The Axis Foundation is bulwark of compassion in an uncertain world” –  Roy Stannard, Head of Income-Generation and Comms

“Thank you for your compassion and generosity. Lives will be saved” –  Jane Leaver, Office Finance and Individual Giving Co-ordinator

More About Off the Fence

Off The Fence Trust works with vulnerable and socially excluded people in the Brighton and Hove area. Over 700 people use Antifreeze, the charity’s day centre for the homeless. Some users (for example if they own a dog,) have elected to remain rough sleepers. In 2021-22 Antifreeze’s services were used 1,775  times. Whilst many rough sleepers can be accommodated in the City’s hotels and B&Bs, this is only a temporary solution, and the numbers are rising steeply.

Off The Fence Trust tackles social and spiritual poverty, and helps members of the community who are facing crisis situations with little or no support. Their priority is to provide a practical, emotional and psychological safety net through three projects:

  • Antifreeze, a day centre for the homeless – part of an emergency outreach to rough sleepers
  • Schools’ programme for 6-18-year-old children
  • Gateway, a women’s centre supporting women in crisis

There’s more about their work here

People with balloons at Hutton Community CentreCommunity

Hutton Community Centre

Combating loneliness in Brentwood

Hutton Community Centre is an important community hub in Brentwood, working primarily to combat loneliness. Our parent company, Axis Europe, works in Brentwood keeping local residents’ homes safe and comfortable. And so we were keen to support their application.

So, through our partnership with Travis Perkins, the Axis Foundation contributed  £3,020 to the centre’s kitchen refurbishment. Specifically, the donation bought a new commercial catering oven and extractor hood.

“I would like to thank the Axis Foundation for their donation and support towards the cafe’s refurbishment. The oven and canopy will make a huge difference to the services that we can now offer the local community and those visiting the area.

“All the feedback we have had during the COVID-19-enforced shutdown of the Centre from the people who would have normally used it has reinforced to us the importance of the HCC in combating loneliness and isolation in the local community” –  Stella Miles, Cafe Supervisor

Our donation

The refurbishment enables the low-cost café to offer a wider range of meals, provide hot meals during the school holidays for children who would normally have free school dinners and host a senior lunch club. The centre has extended the café opening hours too.

Hutton Community Centre

HCC is run by volunteers. Activities include 50+ Club, Community Bingo, Dementia Carer’s support, dance classes, baby and toddler groups, martial arts, board games and Camp Epic for youth activities.

There’s more here about Hutton Community Centre here



Disability Croydon

Supporting vulnerable and isolated people in Croydon

Disability Croydon‘s new community hub tackles isolation and loneliness and their long-term, detrimental effects on mental and physical health. And the Axis Foundation donated £7,440 to Disability Croydon to help them build an accessible toilet and drop-in café here.

“That is really wonderful news. Please pass on the appreciation of Disability Croydon to the Axis Foundation. This grant will make a huge difference. We intend that this hub will become the ‘go to place’ for people who are vulnerable, lonely and isolated of all ages and backgrounds” – James Kelleher, CEO 

More about Axis in Croydon

The Axis Foundation’s parent company, Axis Europe, has worked for Croydon Council for many years, keeping residents’ homes safe and comfortable. In accordance with our Core Value 6 – A community we contribute to will welcome and value us – and in addition to our regular CI activities here, we are pleased to further support the Croydon community through our Foundation’s donation to Disability Croydon. The Axis Foundation is proud to be at “the heart of the community”.

More about the new hub

Disability Croydon’s new hub will deliver peer support /interactive group sessions, social activities including dance, music drama, book clubs, theatre and cinema visits and rambling and craft clubs. The hub will provide access to laptops and advice sessions including on debt and finance management and welfare benefits.

And there will be a wellness fitness centre supplying free exercise sessions for people with mental health needs as well as a drop-in centre and a café with fully accessible toilets. The 4-storey building is on Croydon High Street.

More about Disability Croydon

Disability Croydon offers information, advice, advocacy and support to disabled people and their families, on issues which affect their daily lives. Services currently include telephone befriending, digital buddies and training for the private and public sector on Diversity, Equality and Disability Awareness.

Read more about Disability Croydon here


St Luke’s Community Hub

Helping vital community hub support those affected by poverty and homelessness

St Luke’s is a community hub based in Kennington in south London. It is managed by the West London Mission (WLM). The centre helps people affected by poverty and homelessness.

Their carpet in the common areas and stairwell here was very old and no longer fit for purpose. So when WLM approached the Axis Foundation for support to get a new one, we were delighted to help.

During the prep to lay the carpet, the floor underneath was found to be crumbling and in need of repair. And so the Axis Foundation’s donation of £2,243 repaired the floor and supplied and installed a new carpet for the benefit of service users and everyone who works at WLM St Luke’s.

“The folks at St Luke’s are absolutely thrilled beyond words to have a new carpet in the common area and stairwell.

“They are hugely grateful as no budget exists right now for such things. We badly needed it as it is a public space. It is now clean and welcoming, worthy of the staff and the service users – vulnerable folk in the local community.

“Hats off to Axis and the Axis Foundation. You and your team have made a huge difference” – Patrick O’Meara, Advisor to WLM

More about West London Mission and St Luke’s

WLM has been helping people facing poverty and homelessness since 1887. The link between homelessness and financial insecurity is as clear today as it was in the 19th century. People whose rent is in arrears are vulnerable to eviction and subsequent homelessness.

So, WLM St Luke’s aims to prevent homelessness by empowering people faced with financial and digital exclusion, low income and high levels of debt to feel confident, more in control of their finances and less isolated.

As they say: “Our focus is financial resilience and digital inclusion. We want our community to feel confident about managing their money and to gain the skills to get online.”

Enjoying thriving partnerships with local organisations and networks, St Luke’s offers computer and money management training as well as affordable desk space for local start-ups and affordable accommodation for low income workers.

There’s more about WLM St Luke’s here.

Young disadvantaged children sailingCare

The Ahoy Centre

Supporting vulnerable children

The Axis Foundation donated £3,750 to The AHOY Centre’s Time2Talk programme. Time2Talk provides 1-2-1 emotional and psychological support for vulnerable children. Many children at AHOY come from chaotic home-lives, with little guidance. And these Time2Talk 1-2-1 sessions improve teamwork, self-esteem and leaderships skills.

“On behalf of everyone at AHOY, thank you for believing in our work and helping us to continue to have a real positive impact on people’s lives.

“We have now added our mentoring Time2Talk services to all our main programmes. We will continue to embed this vital piece of support into all additional programmes.

“During the period of your grant, The Time2Talk programme was led by AHOY’s Lead Mentor and qualified Psychologist who worked with a team of qualified mentors. The mentors were also instructors on the activity programme.

“They provided emotional and psychological support to our vulnerable children whilst delivering “on the job” mentoring. And they could recognise any behavioural changes and react appropriately during sessions to support them”  – Danny O’Sullivan, Fundraising Manager

More about Ahoy

The AHOY Centre is based in Deptford, one of London’s most deprived areas. The charity enables disadvantaged and disabled young people to take part in water-based activities and train in life skills.

And there’s more about  AHOY here!

Lockdown update

During Lockdown, AHOY’s virtual hub provided online cooking, nautical theory, drama and fitness sessions for members. And AHOY also cooked and delivered over 1,600 hot meals for vulnerable families. Plus, they provided Covid Capsule activity packs to keep members progressing and engaged.

“As parents of an adult with autism and a learning disability, Lockdown was extremely difficult for us as a family. We were very concerned about T’s mental health. All his activities stopped and his normal routines ended. So we were immensely grateful to AHOY for keeping in touch with the Sailability students and for all the effort that went into reopening the centre” – AHOY parent

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