Burton Wheelchair Rugby Club

Gaining confidence through wheelchair rugby

Burton Wheelchair Rugby Club helps wheelchair-bound people enjoy the physical and mental benefits of a community team sport.

The Axis Foundation agreed to donate £3,650 to fund a new specialist wheelchair so more members can participate in the team sport, gaining independence, confidence and empowerment.

“That is brilliant news – thank you so much. Our heartfelt thanks to the Trustees” – Richard Williams, Fundraising Coordinator

Richard added: “Most of our members have suffered some form of trauma in their lives and lack confidence to continue feeling part of our community. We have already seen members who had given up hope join our club, be part of a team and feel whole again. We know there are hundreds of disabled members of our society who could join our club. Our plan is to expand the club to include junior members, so they don’t have to wait to become adults to be included.”

As well as supporting individuals’ wellbeing and health, Burton Wheelchair Rugby Club additionally engages with the local community to raise awareness of disability sport and also helps disabled people who are not permanently wheelchair bound too.

There’s more about the club which is based in Staffordshire, here


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