Axis Employee helps deaf children and their families

Axis QS helps deaf children with Foundation grant

Axis’ Jocelyn Tritton, a Trainee Quantity Surveyor working on our Croydon contract, supports The Dorset Deaf Children’s Society (DDCS) – and applied to the Foundation on their behalf.

The Axis Foundation’s grant of £3274.50 made to DDCS on behalf of Jocelyn will buy 150 Phonak Junior paediatric hearing aid care kits. The kits will help deaf children in Dorset for years to come by teaching and enabling them to maintain their hearing aids.

Jocelyn is passionate about helping the hearing-impaired lead a normal life. This is because Jocelyn’s mum is profoundly deaf, which stems from a horse-riding accident at a young age. Jocelyn’s family started learning British Sign Language last year to better include his mum in family life. He was overjoyed by how much communication improved; and this inspired him to help other families with deaf members to learn BSL too.

Thanking the Foundation Jocelyn said: “Growing up it was always a struggle to communicate with mum, who has 30% hearing in her left ear and near zero in her right, but I couldn’t see how things would ever change. Then the family discovered BSL and, all of a sudden, we could hold normal conversations! I wanted to help out other families with hearing-impaired members and raising funds for the small yet impactful DDCS by running a marathon seemed perfect. Overall, I’m delighted the Axis Foundation agreed to donate over £3000 to purchase hearing aid care kits!”

Jocelyn additionally ran the Milton Keynes Marathon raising £6222 for DDCS!

“We cannot thank Jocelyn enough for the work and effort he is putting in to raise money for our deaf children. We are a small local charity run by volunteers and without the support of people like Jocelyn we could not continue to support the deaf children and their families, providing them with somewhere to go to meet and make friends with children just like themselves. The money Jocelyn is raising is so important for us and we are very grateful’ – Shirley Sorbie, DCSS

More about DDCS

DDCS is an all-volunteer charity which helps children with mild to profound deafness by providing them with hearing equipment and BSL grants. DDCS events connect deaf families, including them in a community which understands their struggles, and serves as an important point of contact where families with deaf children can receive advice, as well as talk to and support each other. There’s more here