Axis people get down and dirty on a Tough Mudder challenge raising money for the Axis Foundation and for Demelza

Brave Axis people participated in the London South Tough Mudder, raising £4,512.50 for Demelza and the Axis Foundation. The challenge comprised a five-mile course with 13 challenging obstacles specifically designed to test teamwork and toughness. Participants were tested not only as individuals, but also as a team, with obstacles ‘Pyramid’ and ‘Hero Walls’ requiring team members to give each other a helping hand.

The rewards

The Axis Machine completed the course in just over 2 hours, and were rewarded with t-shirts, bandanas, a great sense of personal achievement, renewed team spirit – plus over £4,500 in the bank for great causes.


Axis people said

After it was all over, our people recommended the challenge as a teambuilding exercise – remembering all the time that they were raising awareness and funds for two great causes.

“Whilst waiting at the start line we were told it was not a race, but an endurance test. It gave us the opportunity to tackle some adversities as a group along the way”
Catherine Weedon, Senior Resident Liaison Officer.


“Amazing strength and team work got us through the course. It was a real accomplishment from all. Such a mixed bag of people but we moved as a unit: the Axis Machine”
Tayla Hayes, Resident Liaison Officer


“It was a great day out. Very enjoyable, everyone got stuck in (quite literally for some people), but great team building and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to partake in it”
Adam Perfect, Quantity Surveyor


“There will be always someone to help you get over any obstacles – great teamwork, proud to be part of Axis and part of the team”
Cristina Ionita, Assistant Contract Manager


“It exceeded my expectations – super happy that I did it and I will definitely do it next year. Amazing team spirit and good team bonding, and very happy that we supported our causes”Alexandru Condreanu, Site Supervisor

A big well done and thank you to everyone who participated!

Meet the Team

Adam Perfect, Quantity Surveyor
Alexandru Condreanu, Site Supervisor
Ben Ibrahim, Contract Manager
Brooklynne Straiko, Marketing Assistant
Cara Alexandrou, Office Administrator
Catherine Weedon, Senior RLO
Cristina Ionita, Assistant Contract Manager
Dave Allen, Contract Manager
Fiona McDougall, Quantity Surveyor
Heera Singhtaak, Quantity Surveyor
James Orphanides, Quantity Surveyor
Kayleigh Xidhas, Assistant Contract Manager
Keisha Feagan, Administrator
Kelly Hollis, Surveyor
Lee Pearce, Divisional Commercial Manager
Marc Jeffrey, Divisional Manager
Matthew Sams, Quantity Surveyor
Michael Oldfield, Trainee Quantity Surveyor
Sarah Denver, Marketing Assistant
Simon Mantle, Commercial Manager
Tayla Hayes, RLO
Tyler Sansom, Supervisor