Mobility for MS sufferers

When a good friend saw that fellow MS sufferer Alice Tilley would benefit from a mobility scooter, she applied to the Axis Foundation for help on Alice’s behalf. We were delighted to help with a donation of £2,175 so Alice could have a mobility scooter.

More about Alice

Alice Tilley, 28, has an aggressive form of relapse and remitting MS. When she has a relapse Alice is unable to walk unaided. She cannot drive and is totally reliant on her parents to get her around.

Claire Pearce, who works at Axis, also suffers from MS. After she applied to us, the Axis Foundation bought a lightweight mobility scooter for Claire. And so Claire applied for one for her friend Alice too.

“I have limited mobility and the mobility scooter that the Axis Foundation purchased for me gave me a huge amount of independence. A mobility scooter will help Alice too,” says Claire.

And the Axis Foundation was delighted to help Claire’s friend. Thanking us for our donation of £2,175 Alice said: “I was able to choose the world’s lightest mobility scooter which I can pack into our car.

This is going to make such a difference to my independence and the management of my mobility. Thank you Axis Foundation.”