Sussex Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus

Sussex Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (SASBAH) provides lifelong support for over 1,000 children and adults affected by spina bifida, hydrocephalus and related disabilities.

The Axis Foundation donated £1,760 to purchase eight precision cutters for members of Saspire, the charity’s work experience and training project for young adults with complex physical and learning disabilities.

“This is really wonderful news, thank you so much. New precision cutters will enable the Saspire team to fulfil their contracts with local businesses, through our accessible and supported workshop. Saspire supported work experience enables people with complex disabilities to gain confidence, learn new skills and increase independence. These new machines will be a tremendous boost” – Laura Cecil, Trusts Fundraiser

Laura told us: “SASBAH’s mission is to enable people affected by physical and learning disabilities to lead the lives they want to. We do this by providing lifelong support to over 1,000 people through a range of joined-up services including local support groups; advice and advocacy; a youth club; residential breaks and community engagement. We work across Sussex to offer socially inclusive activities such as meet-ups, exercise and art workshops, lunches and excursions, and we have Saspire, our popular and unique work experience project.”

There’s more about SASBAH’s work here: https://sasbah.org.uk/


Bexhill Men’s Shed

Sharing skills and friendship

Bexhill Men’s Shed provides a space to combat loneliness and isolation. Here men (and women) can access tools, workbenches, skills and opportunities to make and mend in the company of others. Whilst using their practical skills and learning new ones, they make new friends.

The Axis Foundation was pleased to donate £2,000 to Bexhill Men’s Shed to ensure they remain self-sustaining, available and accessible to all.

“How delighted we are at Bexhill Men’s Shed to have been awarded this grant from Axis Foundation. We are grateful that you are helping us in this way. The money donated will certainly go towards ensuring that we are able to become self-sustaining by the end of this year, which is our aim” – Derek Merkl, Chairman/Trustee

More about Bexhill Men’s Shed

Bexhill Men’s Shed provides a workshop space where men (and women) in Bexhill can use and share their practical skills and life experiences to support each other, working side by side and producing and repairing items.The service users here have made Infant School Play equipment, garden benches/tables, Hedgehog houses and many other items to raise funds to remain self-sustaining.

There are 1,000 Men’s Sheds in the United Kingdom. They aim to help alleviate the high rates of suicide, depression, and loneliness amongst elder men.

There’s more here

Thank You Christmas Cards in displaydisadvantaged

Local Families Say Thank You

Axis Foundation supports families who were struggling at Christmas

An Axis’ employee applied to the Axis Foundation to support her neighbours at Christmas time. Many were facing loneliness as well as heat and fuel poverty.

And so the Axis Foundation agreed to award  £1,000 which was shared between 27 struggling households.

Our donation paid for 17 Christmas dinners, three supermarket vouchers, two heated blankets, seven heated clothes airers and six toy vouchers.

The residents were visibly touched to receive these special gifts and were all very grateful, sending us cards, notes and messages.

“G says thank you very much for her heated blanket, she is very pleased with it. She was staying with us over Christmas as she has only just come out of hospital. She’s been using it a lot.”

“Thank you, you don’t know how much this means to me.”

“We used the voucher to buy D a pack of Fimo modelling clay. We are going to make each other Christmas ornaments for our tree as keepsakes.”

“Thank you for our Christmas dinner tickets. My neighbours J, C and I met up just after Christmas. We plan to do it on a regular basis, perhaps every three to four weeks. C especially enjoyed it as he doesn’t get out so much.”

Three little children planting lettucesDonations

The Visionaries 

Creating hands-on outdoor learning space for children

The Visionaries help children, young people and educators to connect with nature. Whilst open to all, they focus on supporting young and marginalised people and those facing challenging transitions. The social enterprise is based at School 360 in Stratford, east London, near to Axis’ head office.

The Axis Foundation agreed to donate £9,500 towards buying raised beds and 50 fruit trees to help with the rewilding of School 360’s outdoor space. The overall scheme will serve as a hands-on, learning space fostering environmental consciousness and creating stronger connections to nature.

“Thank you so much. This will make a huge difference to the project. We are re-imagining the school’s grounds, to enhance the school community’s nature connectedness. This funding will contribute towards the rewilding of the school’s outdoor spaces, creating a dynamic environment that brings people together, improves community well-being, and supports the potential of the students”  – Max Girardeau, Director

More about The Visionaries Education CIC

The Visionaries is a not-for-profit social enterprise. They partner with schools, universities and other educational institutions to produce transformative nature-based programmes and adapt their learning environments to be more ‘nature connected’.  Through participating in their programmes, youths and adults report discovering a greater sense of purpose and belonging, feeling more hopeful and more equipped to create the future we know we need to live sustainably on the planet.

More here

a mother and father with babydisadvantaged

Little Stars

Providing essential baby items for disadvantaged, vulnerable families

Little Stars provides quality essentials for babies, children and pregnant women. And so they alleviate stress and financial pressures for disadvantaged, vulnerable families in Shropshire.

The Axis Foundation donated £3,175 to Little Stars’ Community Hubs Project. This donation will purchase 12 months supplies of nappies, wipes and baby toiletries.

“To receive this amazing amount of money from Axis foundation has ensured we can continue our Community Hub work, providing families with the essentials they need for their children.

“Our hub work is extremely important because we are out in the communities that are in need of this support. The money will enable us to expand our hubs as we now have the funds to be able to deliver the basic essentials that babies and young children really need. Thank you to the board for providing us with this grant” – Leanne Simcoe Founder and CEO

More on the Community Hubs Project

Little Stars created their Community Hubs Project in response to the growing demand for their services. There are currently four Little Stars community hubs, working with Early Help teams and local food banks, where families can access essential items

More about Little Stars

Little Stars helps the 26% of children living in poverty across Shropshire (research from End Child Poverty). They help disadvantaged families through their baby bank, community hubs and school uniform services. They provide quality pre-loved bundles, donated by the local community, supplemented by new equipment and basic provisions. Little Stars works across their community in partnership with midwives, social workers, early help teams, schools, food banks, and domestic abuse charities. They have, to date, supported over 1,000 referred beneficiaries.

There’s more here www.littlestarscharity.org

Woman reading to two infants from a bookCare

Hug-a-Bug World (HBW)

Positive emotional wellbeing for young people

Positive, relatable storylines in books; “I am Unique, “I am Brave” and “I Can Do It” affirmation hearts and tactile toys: these all help the emotional development of Hug-a-Bug World’s Early Years and young children. Setting the tone are adorable bugs Sedric Snail, Bella Bee and friends who support one another and learn as they go.

The Axis Foundation donated £15,000 to HBW to provide books, affirmation hearts and toys. And we will be working with them to reach children and families in areas where Axis, our parent property services company, works.

“At a time where Mental Health challenges in our younger generations is finally getting some attention in the media, we at HBW are forever grateful to the Axis Foundation for making it possible for us to engage with thousands of children, through their generous donation” – Julia Keys, Founder

More about Hug-a-Bug World

The HBW programme promotes positive emotional wellbeing for young people. This is proven to have a beneficial effect on academic focus, building good relationships, and development of empathy and understanding of each other and the natural world.

Hug-a-Bug World is currently working with 30 schools in the Royal Borough of Greenwich in London. They have also worked closely with the Holiday Activity Fund (HAF) programme in multiple UK locations. All children (10,000 +) take home a storybook, a Hug-a-Bug heart and activity sheets. They demonstrably increase their self-confidence, empathy, self-worth, resilience, and acceptance of themselves.

The Chairman of the Axis Foundation Trustees, Peter Varney, was very impressed by the good feedback from Birmingham HAF. So he engaged Hug-a-Bug World to deliver their HAF programme via Millwalls’ Community Fund – with similarly successful results.

See more about Hug-a-Bug’s amazing work here

Group of people holding bags at St AmbroseCommunity

St Ambrose Barlow Church

Providing warmth and comfort

The Café at St Ambrose Barlow Church provides a safe and warm space for local people. Here they can enjoy complimentary meals and refreshment, a sense of community and belonging, as well as crafts and activities.

The Axis Foundation donated £1,000 so that Saint Ambrose Barlow Church could purchase 60 Warm Packs to keep their guests keep warm this winter (2023).

“The grant from the Axis Foundation has allowed us to provide 60 warm packs in the space of two weeks to all in our community who asked for one. From young families, to people who lived on their own and the elderly, everyone went home thrilled with their bag of goodies – a cosy warm blanket, a hot water bottle, a travel cup, a hat, scarf and gloves so they would be warm in and outside of the home!” – Hayley Haughton, Community Engagement and Support Worker

“I was thrilled to get my warm pack, I am going to use the hot water bottle and travel cup together so i only boil the kettle once to save money and energy and then snuggle down in my blanket with my knitting!” – Recipient

More about the café at St Ambrose Barlow Church

The community café at St Ambrose Barlow Church is a lifeline for some people who have fallen through the cracks of the social welfare system; are struggling with the cost of living crisis or who are seeking a safe space to meet others and combat isolation. Located in the Parish Hall, the Community Café aims to reduce the impact of poverty and to help their guests maximise their income. They provide complimentary meals, activities and signposting for additional support to over 50 people a week and also recently distributed warm packs to 30 families.

There’s more here


Adult Training Network

Resourcing Digital Learning for disadvantaged people

Adult Training Network (ATN) provides education, training and employability skills to disadvantaged people. Many are referred to the charity by their local Job Centre.

The Axis Foundation donated £2,500 so ATN could purchase an interactive whiteboard to facilitate digital learning at their Training Centre in Southall, west London.

“The interactive whiteboard will be a valuable addition to our digital resources and will supplement and enhance the learning experience of disadvantaged learners” –  Sarjeet Singh Gill, Managing Director

More about ATN

Adult Training Network Limited was founded in 1999 to help the most disadvantaged members of the community access mainstream education. The charity unlocks marginalised learners’ potential for employment and social connection through education, training, employability support and links to job opportunities. They offer a wide range of in-person and online accredited courses as well as vocational qualifications and apprenticeships.

ATN’s BAME, migrant and refugee learners (many of whom have South-Asian backgrounds and/or are from Syria or Ukraine) hail from highly deprived wards and have low English, literacy and numeracy levels.

There’s more here

Man wearing hat and glasses holding a Victoria sponge cakedisadvantaged

Cherry Orchard Garden Services (COGS)

COGS’ Grow-Cook-Eat project helps adults with learning disabilities gain skills and independence

The Axis Foundation donated £1,000 to help COGS purchase ingredients for their Grow-Cook-Eat project. The programme teaches learners how to cook simple, easy meals that they can replicate at home. They can use fruit and vegetables they have grown on-site at COGS. These make a healthy alternative to microwaved ready meals. Learning how to cook and eat healthily brings many long-term benefits to learners – and their carers and families too. We estimate that around 17 people on this programme will benefit directly from our donation.

“We are so grateful to The Axis Foundation for generously donating towards our Grow-Cook-Eat project. Cooking is one of the most valuable skills our service users can learn. By helping us purchase additional ingredients to enhance their home-grown fruit and vegetables, the Axis Foundation is contributing to many life-changing outcomes. It enables our service users to learn a whole spectrum of skills which all contribute to them living an independent lifestyle as they grow themselves. Thank you!” –  Beckie Flynn, Treasurer

Two service tell us how Grow-Cook-Eat project benefits them!

“It helps me because I can now make my own sandwiches, go into a shop and recognise ingredients and have new ideas to try to do myself at home’”- Tom

“It has helped by teaching me new things to cook. It teaches me to cook on my own and grow some vegetables I can make into meals” – George

More about COGS

COGS Prepares 4 Life CIO provides day opportunities for adults with learning disabilities, autism and other complex needs in Burntwood, Staffordshire, and surrounding areas. Through gardening, cooking, woodwork, travel training and basic education, COGS’ members gain new skills, find friendships and embrace the confidence and independence needed for everyday life. There’s more about COGS here


Strength & Learning Through Horses

Helping children in crisis to a positive future

Strength & Learning Through Horses helps young people in mental health crisis turn their lives around.

The Axis Foundation awarded Strength & Learning Through Horses a grant of £12,000 to purchase a modular building to help them continue their services – whatever the weather.

“We are very grateful for your recent incredibly generous donation of £12,000 … Thanks to your donation, we will be able to purchase a modular building in which to teach our therapy sessions. These sessions help young people in mental health crisis to begin to turn their lives around and move towards a positive future. Thanks to your support we will be able to help more of these young people access our life-changing service” – Dr Hockley and Rosie Bensley, Founders and Joint CEOs

More about Strength & Learning Through Horses

Strength & Learning Through Horses is London’s largest equine-assisted therapy and education charity currently supporting 400-450 young people in crisis per year. Many children have experienced significant trauma and neglect and are either excluded from mainstream education or considered at risk of exclusion.

The charity uses the natural ability of horses to read and respond to human emotions to engage young people in the process of learning about their own behaviours and emotions.

More here