Lewisham Donation Hub

Supporting People in Lewisham

Lewisham Donation Hub provides food, homeware and essential items to local people including residents at Lewisham Park Towers where Axis is currently working.

The Axis Foundation Trustees were delighted to support Jill’s application in an area of London where we are highly visible and our donation will make a real impact: our £3,000 will purchase electrical equipment for the charity to distribute.

Axis staff member, Jill Pennell, put the charity forward for the donation and said: “I’ve been supporting the Hub for the last couple of years – taking clothes, footwear, bedding etc on their Sunday donation day (1-4pm by Lewisham Fire Station). Knowing my unwanted items are going to those who have nothing – or very little not only makes me feel good but is an incentive to get rid of things that I don’t wear or use any more. They’re always short of everything as the demand is so high – my friends are used to me hassling them to have a clear out for things I can take there!”

“Lewisham Donation Hub is so grateful for the £3,000 grant from the Axis Foundation! We believe we can reduce household costs by providing low-power / efficient electricals (particularly microwaves, rice cookers, slow cookers, kettles and blenders) to people suffering hardship. These items help families and individuals to live more comfortably at home, and avoid relying upon ad-hoc meals from community services (or spending limited money on ready-to-eat foods)” – Magdalena Szlenkier, Trustee and Volunteer, Lewisham Donation Hub

There’s more here


The Thomley Hall Centre

Enhancing the lives and experiences of people with a disability

The Thomley Hall Centre is a lifelong learning and leisure centre which exists to enhance the lives and experiences of people with a disability, their families and the wider community. Thomley enhances the well-being of disabled people through delivering activities that helps develop the skills they need to run their day-to-day lives.

The Axis Foundation donated £10,000 so Thomley can build an eco-friendly Interactive Water Feature (IWF): a safe, fun and accessible place where people with and without disabilities in Buckinghamshire can enjoy water-based play.

Ewan Shinton, Thomley’s Chief Executive, told us: “A huge thank you to Axis, the interactive features of the IWF will offer experiences that are a huge amount of fun and developmentally important for our visitors. The majority of the people who visit Thomley are children with autism who have difficulties processing and integrating sensory input. The multi-sensory experiences provided by the IWF and water will be uniquely beneficial for them. We expect the IWF to quickly become our most-popular attraction and be used by everyone who visits Thomley.”

There’s more about The Thomley Hall Centre here


Ykids Children’s Charity

Improving lives and futures of young people at risk

Ykids improves the lives and futures of local young people at risk through mentoring, projects, parent support groups and arts initiatives.

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £3,000 to the Bootle-based charity helped them refurbish Kingsley and Co, a steampunk-Victorian, explorer-themed children’s community bookshop, which is part of YKids’ literacy project to encourage young people to fall in love with books, storytelling and reading.

We are delighted with the support from the Axis Foundation which will help us to refurbish our new and bigger shop Kingsley and Co, enabling us to change even more lives through encouraging children to read and engage with story – Claire Morgans, Founder


Claire added: “Ykids’ vision is to raise ‘World Changers’ – young people who believe in themselves and have the skills, creativity and opportunities to make a difference in their own lives and in the world around them. Ultimately, we want them to grow up in an environment where they feel safe and loved and lead happy and productive lives.”

“Finding a place that two children with a huge age gap to enjoy is difficult, but we had that place in Kingsley. A place that felt like coming home to family. They helped me through some really rough times, more so than they probably even know” – a parent

Here’s more about YKids and Kingsley and Co

Small child sitting with packages of pyjamasCare

Children’s Hospital Pyjamas

Sweet Dreams for children in Hospital

Croydon-based Children’s Hospital Pyjamas collects and distributes brand new pyjamas to hospitals, hospices, hospital at-home teams and women’s refuges in the UK.

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £3,000 helped them purchase pyjamas for some of the 40 such organisations within the M25. At an average cost of £8 per pair, this means 375 children will have sweeter dreams in their new pyjamas!

“Thank you so much for your generous donation. Last year, the charity spent over £40,000 on pyjamas alone and, in order for us to continue to supply to these 238 locations, plus any new requests, we rely on the kindness and support of people like yourselves” – Ann Dunkley,  Operations Manager

Ann told us: “Children may arrive in A&E having had their clothing damaged, or in situations when there hasn’t been time to pack essentials. They may have their own pyjamas but need a fresh pair due to illness or accident. While in refuges, children may have fled a dangerous situation and might not have brought any clothing. Our pyjamas have also been used to dress children who have passed away, so their families can see them looking comfortable and at peace.”

To further support this great cause, Axis’ Administrator Danielle Glindon, used her Volunteering Day to help Children’s Hospital Pyjamas!

There is more about their work here

group of young children reading booksCommunity

Wimbledon Bookfest

Giving 2,000 children a free book to take home

Schoolchildren attending Wimbledon Bookfest World Book Day events in March 2024 can go home with a free book, thanks to the Axis Foundation’s donation of £10,000.

“Developing a love of reading for pleasure is incredibly important and has a lifelong impact on a child’s prospects. Children who attend BookFest events and go home with own copy of the book leave feeling inspired and excited about literature. We are incredibly grateful to the Axis Foundation for their generous donation; helping us to inspire and encourage the next generation of readers” – Fiona Razvi, Festival Director

As one teacher said: “The best part is children getting a copy of the book with each ticket; the next few weeks at school ALL children in the same class are reading the same book which leads to some great book talk and discussion and encourages their love and enthusiasm for reading” – Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

“The Axis Foundation is delighted to support Wimbledon Bookfest. We supported Bookfest because we believe that encouraging young people to read – for both pleasure and education – is vitally important. Giving every child who attends the World Book Day events is a real pleasure for us and we hope through our donation to help Bookfest inspire the next generation of readers” – Michael Hayes, Trustee of the Axis Foundation

More about Wimbledon BookFest

Wimbledon BookFest is a not-for-profit arts and education charity which runs a year round programme of events aimed at supporting literacy in schools and fostering the next generation of readers. Events for schoolchildren and young people include World Book Day events with children’s authors, an Introduction to University day for older students, the Wimbledon BookFest Young Writers Competition, and a series of school events during its annual ten day autumn Festival.  Last year over 13,000 schoolchildren attended BookFest events.  Find out more here

Group of people holding bags at St AmbroseCommunity

St Ambrose Barlow Church

Providing warmth and comfort

The Café at St Ambrose Barlow Church provides a safe and warm space for local people. Here they can enjoy complimentary meals and refreshment, a sense of community and belonging, as well as crafts and activities.

The Axis Foundation donated £1,000 so that Saint Ambrose Barlow Church could purchase 60 Warm Packs to keep their guests keep warm this winter (2023).

“The grant from the Axis Foundation has allowed us to provide 60 warm packs in the space of two weeks to all in our community who asked for one. From young families, to people who lived on their own and the elderly, everyone went home thrilled with their bag of goodies – a cosy warm blanket, a hot water bottle, a travel cup, a hat, scarf and gloves so they would be warm in and outside of the home!” – Hayley Haughton, Community Engagement and Support Worker

“I was thrilled to get my warm pack, I am going to use the hot water bottle and travel cup together so i only boil the kettle once to save money and energy and then snuggle down in my blanket with my knitting!” – Recipient

More about the café at St Ambrose Barlow Church

The community café at St Ambrose Barlow Church is a lifeline for some people who have fallen through the cracks of the social welfare system; are struggling with the cost of living crisis or who are seeking a safe space to meet others and combat isolation. Located in the Parish Hall, the Community Café aims to reduce the impact of poverty and to help their guests maximise their income. They provide complimentary meals, activities and signposting for additional support to over 50 people a week and also recently distributed warm packs to 30 families.

There’s more here


Adult Training Network

Resourcing Digital Learning for disadvantaged people

Adult Training Network (ATN) provides education, training and employability skills to disadvantaged people. Many are referred to the charity by their local Job Centre.

The Axis Foundation donated £2,500 so ATN could purchase an interactive whiteboard to facilitate digital learning at their Training Centre in Southall, west London.

“The interactive whiteboard will be a valuable addition to our digital resources and will supplement and enhance the learning experience of disadvantaged learners” –  Sarjeet Singh Gill, Managing Director

More about ATN

Adult Training Network Limited was founded in 1999 to help the most disadvantaged members of the community access mainstream education. The charity unlocks marginalised learners’ potential for employment and social connection through education, training, employability support and links to job opportunities. They offer a wide range of in-person and online accredited courses as well as vocational qualifications and apprenticeships.

ATN’s BAME, migrant and refugee learners (many of whom have South-Asian backgrounds and/or are from Syria or Ukraine) hail from highly deprived wards and have low English, literacy and numeracy levels.

There’s more here

man on red seats with Axis Foundatin branding Charlton AthletixCommunity

Charlton Athletic and the Axis Foundation

Helping partially-sighted Charlton fans enjoy the action!

The Axis Foundation recently donated £3,500 to the Charlton Athletic Supporters Trust to enable partially-sighted supporters to receive live commentaries at The Valley and thus fully immerse themselves in the action on the pitch.

The donation will help towards replacing old equipment so that partially-sighted fans can pick up a headset and receiver from reception and – from anywhere in the stadium – listen to the animated commentary by Rob Shaw (who pioneered the ground-breaking idea over 20 years ago), Harry Low, Jamie Whitehead and Dave Lockwood. They can capture and share the excitement of every moment!

The Axis Foundation has supported Charlton Athletic for many years now, most recently sponsoring Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT)’s 30th Anniversary Golf Day which raised over £13,000 to help support their work raising educational achievement, creating pathways to employment, building healthier lifestyles, bringing communities together and reducing crime.

Charlton close to our hearts

Indeed, Charlton is close to our hearts here at the Axis Foundation. The Chairman of our Trustees, Peter Varney, joined CAFC as managing director in 1997 – a dream job for Peter, who is, like his father, from boyhood, a proud supporter of the Addicks. Peter was promoted to the position of Charlton’s Chief Executive a year later. And Alan Curbishley, who famously managed Charlton 1991 to 2006, became patron of the Axis Foundation in 2014.

Our winning team of Alan and Peter saw the club through many successful years. And together they work tirelessly as volunteers for our Foundation whose primary aim is to support small, local and impactful causes. We are grateful to them both.

The Axis Foundation is very proud of our partnership with Charlton – and fans will be familiar with our branding at the Valley. In fact it is hard to miss!

Our photo shows our CEO and Axis Foundation Trustee John Hayes at the Valley.


Rebuilding Lives

Axis employee applies to helps family rebuild their life after tragedy

Axis Resident Liaison Officer Sandra Chipato applied to the Axis Foundation on behalf of a family who lost their son/brother in a house fire in March 2023.

The family also lost all their belongings. So, Sandra asked the family what they needed most – a mattress, a bed and a tv – and asked the Foundation to help them. So the Trustees of the Foundation arranged to purchase these goods and deliver them to the family in their new home provided by their local council.

Thanking the Foundation Sandra said: “I was neighbours with this family for six years: our children were friends. It was heart-breaking to hear what had happened to them. I felt so helpless as I was not able to help.

However, I remembered our Axis Foundation! So I reached out to the Foundation team who were very supportive and helpful: they advised me to fill out the form and they would pick it up from there. I was so glad when I received the call that the application had been approved and that we can help the family. I called the father to tell him the good news. He broke down in tears, that’s how much this meant to him.

“I am so proud to work for an organisation that not only build people’s homes, but they transform lives.”

The father said: “I just want to thank the Axis Foundation for the help they have given to me and my family: the past few months have been really challenging. We are trying to rebuild our lives as well as mourn the loss of our oldest child. My wife is still in hospital, so I have not been able to work. And because I am self employed if I do not work, I don’t get paid. When Sandra first told me that there is a chance your company could help, I was hopeful but at the same time was prepared for the worst.

“I had been sleeping on the floor with my daughter for weeks and it was a relief when I heard the application was approved and we could get some help.

“Thank you so much for your help and reminding us that all is not lost. Yes, we lost all our belongings and our son but your generosity has given hope and the strength to carry on. Words cannot express how grateful we are.”


Hands of Hope

Equipping children to learn hands-on about the the natural environment

Through a number of schemes and activities including biodiversity and food growing programmes, Hands of Hope tackles food poverty, rural isolation and loneliness in Rother, Hastings and West Kent.

The charity told the Axis Foundation: “Many children who engage in our activities arrive on site ill-equipped. We are seeking funding to purchase 20 sets of children’s waterproofs as well as 10 children’s bee suits.”

And so, our Trustees were delighted to donate £1,000 to purchase both waterproofs and bee suits.

“As many schools prepare for a new addition to the national curriculum with the launch of Natural History GCSE in 2025, Hands of Hope are already leading the way in climate and sustainability education with a wide range of activities that offer children and young people hands-on, practical learning about the natural world around them so they can have a greater connection with the natural environment and in turn, play their part in making sure future generations can enjoy a cleaner, safer, greener world.

“The donation from the Axis Foundation is fundamental to supporting these activities and ensuring that the children are equipped for an enjoyable, safe, and educational experience” –  Mandy Doran, Trustee

More about Hands of Hope

Supporting local communities throughout Rother, Hastings and West Kent, Hands of Hope creates positive social connections within diverse groups whilst tackling mental health, isolation, and food-related issues. Since 2020 the number of people engaged in activities at Hope Farm Community Garden has increased with over 300 adults and children benefiting from onsite activities during 2022 as well as 1000s engaged via their Get Growing project regionally. Hands of Hope are restoring and developing a neglected walled kitchen garden and 22 acres of AONB land, creating “Hope Farm Community Garden”, a Soil Association Accredited community garden containing 2 large market gardens, a small heritage orchard with Apiary, a Gill Woodland, 7 ponds and 2 large wildflower meadows. In June 2022 the charity was awarded The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.

Hands of Hope delivers the following practical projects: Helping Hands Lunch Clubs; Men in Sheds; traditional bricklaying training; Bee in Company biodiversity programme; Growing Buddies community gardening; Living History including  Rural Crafts, environmental heritage, conservation skills and market gardening; and Get Growing delivering fresh, in-season produce to local food banks.

There’s more about their work here 

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