Divisional Finance Controller Claire Pearce has been at Axis for over 23 years. She has recently been appointed to become one of the Trustees of the Axis Foundation.

She tells us what the Foundation means to her on both personal and professional levels.

“The Axis Foundation means a lot to me. I was here when it was created many years ago. Of course, we used to raise money for causes and individuals prior to that. The Foundation was created because giving money back and helping others is what Axis does. It’s what John [Hayes, Axis CEO] promotes: making an impact on people’s lives, especially helping children and families.

“To become a Trustee of the Axis Foundation is a huge, huge honour. It is humbling to make a decision that will have a huge impact on someone’s life. It might cost £2,000 but could be a life-changer. Yes, it’s an honour to be part of that process.

“When I became disabled 14 years ago, that was a life-changing event. So, I do have a bit of insight into what that means. And the Foundation has helped me personally by donating towards a mobility scooter for me.

“The applications that come in are incredible really. We treat each application individually. They are all read. And a great deal of thought goes into accepting or rejecting them. There are always valid reasons for rejecting or accepting them.”