When John and Tim Hayes formed property business Axis in 1986, the brothers also created Axis’ Core Values. Axis Core Value Number Six is A community we contribute to will welcome and value us. This was the  the cornerstone of what was to become the Axis Foundation – the heart of the community.


The Axis spirit

From very early days, the newly-fledged Axis actively gave back to the local communities where the business operated. Everyone who worked at Axis embraced the Core Values of the Company, particularly Core Value Number Six.

A spirit of giving ran through the company; fundraising activities were resourceful, imaginative – and successful – focusing on helping individuals and causes who could make a difference to local lives.


The Foundation stones

As CEO John says: “I set the Foundation up to formalise and capture all the elements of giving that already existed across the company, particularly giving back in the communities where we were working.”

John Hayes created the Axis Foundation in 2009; donations started formally in 2010.

The motto? To be “at the heart of the community”.

Perks of growth mean giving more

In the early days of the business, the family’s focus was clearly on developing a strong and successful business. Fast Forward to today, with an annual turnover of over £8m and with over 800+ people working for their company, brothers John and Tim Hayes can say that their business has indeed flourished.

And one of their greatest perks of growth and success has been their continued ability to support individuals and causes in the local communities where their business operates.

In 2019, the award-winning Foundation celebrates its tenth birthday; plus the fact it has donated more than £1.3m to over 170 small, local and impactful causes.

This money is raised through staff initiatives and fundraising activities, an annual corporate donation, plus generous support from clients at calendar highlights the Axis Charity Golf Day and the Axis Foundation Charity Ball.

Still at the heart of the community

In the Midlands, Thamesmead, Croydon, Cardiff, Liverpool and Kent as well as throughout London, for example, we work on long-term, renewed contracts with housing providers.

Investing in our local communities, we are able to source materials through local supply chains and offer employment and apprenticeships to young people.

We know that money cannot buy happiness per se, but on top of this community investment, the Foundation’s donations to small, impactful and local causes and individuals in these geographical areas, have brought many a smile to local faces!

The Axis Foundation is still “the heart of the community” – just as we were  in 2009!.


“Giving back is in our DNA. We’ve tried to focus on the areas where we’re active by supporting small and meaningful causes rather than big and grandiose ones. Everybody at Axis gets involved in one way or another through volunteering or fundraising” – Axis Foundation Trustee/Axis Chief Executive John Hayes

“Axis has always had a sense of social responsibility. The Foundation supports local causes that offer a direct benefit to those in need of a hand up, rather than a hand out” – Axis Foundation Chairman, Peter Varney

“The work of the Foundation is very important to us and I’m very thankful to everyone who contributes to its work. Through the efforts, enthusiasm, commitment and generosity of all our people, and our clients too, we can really make a difference” – Axis Foundation Trustee Sandie Ryan